Consigning the girls clothes is so much fun!  I love making money with their outgrown clothes and in turn, get to buy new stuff for free!  Every time I consign, the girls feel like it is Christmas.  They will bring me toys they donโ€™t play with anymore, anything they are not wearing for one reason or another, so I can sell it, because they know that just means Iโ€™ll get to shop for lots of new toys and clothes!  In addition to shopping the sale, the money I make actually carries my clothing budget for the girls through the year, so Iโ€™m dressing them for free, or pretty close to it.  Itโ€™s my little way of helping the family budget!  If you donโ€™t want to consign yet, but just want to come check it out and shop, Iโ€™d love to see you there!


Hereโ€™s a peek at some of the clothes I am selling.  Thereโ€™s a memory for every outfit, some you can probably look through here and remember too just from reading the blog.  The one that stands out to me in this picture, is the checkered sky blue/brown dress on the top in the middle pile.  Noelle first walked to me in this dressโ€ฆ but Mike and I always say, โ€œHold the memories in our hearts.โ€  We keep keepsakes, but every outfit is special to me, so I really have to hold some of the memories in my heart and let the outfits be enjoyed by others.

IMG_6654 IMG_6671

Baby Noelle with Brother Man in a dress Iโ€™ve put in the sale for $4.00!