Breland’s Art Party

November 22nd, 2014


The girls had a blast one super sunny day in October at Breland’s 3rd birthday party!  Isn’t he adorable with the girls in this picture?  I love it!

05-IMG_0589 07-IMG_0595

Orange smiles!


The Pond Girls and the White girls!  Finally meeting Jordan and Jada was so much fun!  They even have a little sister like we have Rose, oh and a baby brother too, but that last part is unique to them!  Winking smile


Sidewalk art!

11-IMG_0635 12-IMG_0648

How did I get so lucky to hold baby Brevin and hang out with grandpa all at the same time!?


Cutie Kate and her cute art!


Check out Braxton’s awesome art!  He’s not even in kinder yet… I was so impressed!

04-IMG_0575 16-IMG_0673

On to cookie decorating and fruit loop necklaces!



19-IMG_0689 20-IMG_0691

21-IMG_0696 22-IMG_0695 


24-IMG_0703 25-IMG_0706

I love hanging out with our girlies!

26-IMG_0707 08-IMG_0597

My girl Jaalisa sure knows how to make a party delicious!  Have you ever seen such gourmet macaroni and cheese?  She is truly the real-life Tiana.  If she didn’t have 4 boys and her hubby to take care of, she could totally be Tiana at Disney World!  She has a food truck/catering business, so if anyone ever needs catering, let me know.  I’m so proud of my friend, and her cooking is simply the best! 

29-IMG_0729 27-IMG_0710 


I guess that’s one way to ride a skate board, Rose!


The girlie girls rockin’ it out!


Happy birthday, Breland!  You are one loved little boy!  Baby boy 3 turns 3!  What a fun day celebrating this sweet boy!

October Saturdays

November 20th, 2014

1-IMG_1237 55-IMG_1240


Brianna and Noelle 43-IMG_1268

Pink Out game was super fun this season!



52-IMG_1208 51-IMG_1202

Lots of soccer fun with Avery and Livi!


We had a blast watching Anna Kate play soccer this season!  She had a lot of fun but doesn’t want to play in the spring.  I’m proud of her for giving it a good try this fall!  Last game and trophy ceremony to come!







37-IMG_1531 59-IMG_0980

Holly came to Noelle’s last season game, and it was so much fun having her!  Lions play-off game pics to come!

Pumpkin Patch

November 18th, 2014


We had a blast picking out our pumpkins and playing at the pumpkin patch this fall!

02-IMG_1028 05-IMG_1043

This year we dressed up a little and made a family date night out of it!  Rara was in town, so we had a blast having her with us!

08-IMG_1061 06-IMG_1047

Anyone want a pumpkin?  Winking smile

How tall in the fall 10-IMG_1064

Noelle grew a lot since last year!  She asked me to take her picture last year and this year by this sign so she could compare her heights.  I wish I had done it with all the girls after seeing how much she’s grown.  We’ll start with the littles next year. 

sweetheart pic at the pumpkin patch 01-IMG_0999

Our little family blog documents our happiest moments, and while our lives are far from perfect and difficult in ways I couldn’t have imagined, our love is so real and so strong and I’m so honored to have these guys by my side. 


We didn’t plan on taking mother/daughter pictures, but I’m so glad we did.  Noelle is so awesome!  I have no words to describe her.  She’s simply amazing.


Aww, love my Cutie Kate.  She is just so cute all the time!  I miss my buddy so much this year in kindergarten! 


Rose has been growing and changing so much over the last few months.  We are so excited about this kid.  Her maturity has given us so much more freedom to go out and have fun all as a family, and we are loving every minute!  We have no one in diapers and no teenagers yet… it’s amazing!  I want to freeze time every single day that goes by.  Isn’t she adorable?

14-IMG_1086 15-IMG_1094

Rose at the Pumpkin patch year 3 17-IMG_1134 

18-IMG_1159 19-IMG_1166

This is Noelle every single day, every where we go.  She is always thinking of other people and ways to make their lives better!  She found the pretty flower this little girl is holding and wanted to share her great find with someone.  I watched her walk up to this little girl and give it to her.  They were really far away, that’s why the picture is blurry, but I wanted to remember this moment because I cannot tell you how many times a day she is sharing and caring for others, including her little sisters, who depend on her for so much.  Noelle is spending the night with a friend tonight and when Anna Kate was falling asleep, she started tearing up and said, “I need sissy.  I just miss her so much!”  I know Noelle will always take care of her sisters, and I’m so thankful for that!

20-IMG_1168 21-IMG_1174


This was the last picture before it got dark at the pumpkin patch.  Mike got great video footage of Rose on her horsey.  She was hugging and kissing him and talking and riding him like he was real.  Her world is so alive and vivid.  It always has been, but at 3, the possibilities are endless.  If this horse had turned into a real miniature pony, she would not have been surprised.  In her mind, things like that aren’t out of the question.  It’s hard to describe.  She’s wishing for a real live unicorn for Christmas.  She keeps bringing it up and talking about it.  A.lot.  She asked Mike last week to make sure we remember his cage so he won’t run away and lots of hay too.  I seriously don’t know how we are going to let her down gently.  That’s just a very reasonable, normal request in her mind.  And I absolutely love and admire that she is not jaded and harsh realities are not a part of her life yet.  They will be, all too soon, so I’m soaking it up and learning from her all I can while life is just simple and fun.  Happy fall, you guys.  Hope you’re having a good one… one just like Rose’s!

Fall Fashionista!

November 16th, 2014

1-IMG_0355 33-IMG_0345 2-IMG_0359

I love seeing what Noelle puts together to wear to school each day!  She’s been on her own in the mornings for a while now, and she rocks it out every single day.  And this baby loves the camera.  Can you tell?  When I take pictures of her, she strikes one pose after another after another.  She could do this all day!  She is so lovely, inside and out!

Soccer Saturday

November 16th, 2014


Go Anna Kate and teammate, Vivienne!  This was such a fun sunny soccer game in October! 

02-IMG_0309 01-IMG_0310

Oops!  Some chips landed in the eye.

1-IMG_9344 Noelle and Anna Kate

Noelle and Anna Kate, kinder soccer 2011 & 2014!

03-IMG_0311 04-IMG_0313

Can you tell this baby has never had Cheetos before?  LOL!  Her baby doll’s hair straightener is on the ground, and she has an ice pack on her hand… Rose is always such a riot! 

1-IMG_0317 08-IMG_0324 

Good game, girls! 

Farm Day Field Trip

November 15th, 2014


Mrs. Paula and Mrs. Julie and the gang for an awesome field trip to the farm! 


04-IMG_0864 03-IMG_0859


07-IMG_0872 09-IMG_0883 


Rose and her buddy, Braxton!


Silly faces!

14-IMG_0897 15-IMG_0899


I’m in love with this picture.  This is so Rose!


18-IMG_0905 19-IMG_0910

Love her all the way!



Sweet girl with such a sweet horsey!


Pumping water was a huge hit with our girl.

23-IMG_0932 24-IMG_0934

26-IMG_0957 27-IMG_0961

Brevin, can you get any cuter!?!


28-IMG_0963 29-IMG_0968

Twinning with my buddy, Jaalisa!

30-IMG_0972 31-IMG_0973

I’m totally putting her to work in our laundry room!  I forget they get so willing and able to help out so much faster than I realize.  It happens over night it seems.  She can help me load, sort, switch loads, all that good stuff!

32-IMG_0975 33-IMG_0977

Today was Mrs. Paula’s birthday!  Rose decorated her present and gave her one of my favorite reusable bags!

34-IMG_0991 35-IMG_0994

What an amazing last field trip at MPP!  Mrs. Paula is moving to California, and while we are still so very sad, we will hold these memories in our hearts for always.  Swinging in Mrs. Paula’s back yard was one of both Anna Kate’s and Rose’s favorite parts!  What a special season of life this has been, and we were so blessed to get to be a part of her preschool! 


November 12th, 2014



Halloween sister picture 2013 Pumpkin Pond Jessie and disco girl


Throwback Thursday Halloween bumble bee leopard kitty cat and a genie


Halloween pumpkin pond princess pond pirate pond


The Pumpkin, Pirate, and Leopard Kitty have all been worn by two different girls in the pictures above.  I absolutely love watching them grow up together!

Same Age, Same Costume, Different Girl!

November 12th, 2014

11-IMG_9249 12-IMG_1300

Noelle, Age 5 in 2011, and Anna Kate, Age 5 in 2014.

05-IMG_9518 1-IMG_1267

Anna Kate, Age 3 in 2012 and Rose, Age 3 in 2014.


Anna Kate, Age 3 in 2012.


Rose, Age 3 in 2014.

Anna Kate and Mommy Mo 02-IMG_1502

Anna Kate and Mommy in 2012 and Rose and Mommy in 2014, both Age 3.

09-IMG_9554 08-IMG_1517

Anna Kate with the purple pumpkin and Rose with the orange pumpkin flash light.

chocolate eyes that dance everywhere 03-IMG_9428

Bonus pics of Cutie Kate at Age 3 in 2012!

Halloween Night

November 12th, 2014


We had a blast celebrating Halloween with lots of neighbors and friends!

01-IMG_1225 03-IMG_1258

It was windy this year, but not too cold, so we’ll take that!

The Banks boys and the Pond Girls

The Banks boys stopped by to say, “Hi!” and let us see their awesome costumes their mom made from scratch!  In birth order, we have Noelle, Brayden, Anna Kate, Braxton, Rose, Breland, and baby Brevin!

Ella Jameson and Rose

Ella, Jameson and Rose, all terrific 3 year olds!

07-IMG_1366 09-IMG_1409

Noelle and Mommy and Rose hugging Berkley and Ella!


Lots of sweet Mamas!

10-IMG_1426 Anna Kate and Colbey

Brianna and Noelle decided to go as greek goddesses together this year, and they rocked it out!  Anna Kate and Colbey looked so cute hanging out!

Anna Kate and Jackson Rose and Will

Anna Kate and Jackson goofing off and Rose and Will playing around.


Honor system at the Key’s house!


Ready or not, here we come!

Noelle and Brianna 18-IMG_1483




The girls enjoy passing out candy just as much as they like trick or treating.  This year, I divided the candy we bought to hand out into three buckets, so each girl could hand out their own section of candy.  That worked out a lot better than one big bowl for all of them to have to try to reach from. 

Mrs. Kim and Hope on Halloween

We have wonderful new next door neighbors, and we are so excited they are here!  Mrs. Kim and Miss Hope are the best!

The Beal Girls and The Pond Girls

November 12th, 2014

The Beal Girls and The Pond Girls

2014 Rose, Anna Kate, Colbey, Noelle, Sydney and Ainsley

The Beal girls and the Pond girls




The  Beal Girls and the Pond Girls 2-IMG_4991