Giggle Moon

December 17th, 2014

IMG_2014-001 IMG_2037-001

Giggle Moon pink/gray

IMG_2015 IMG_2016

Rose loves to spot the moon during the day.  It’s one of her special talents.  And she giggles all day too.  But, Giggle Moon is the name of one of our favorite children’s clothing brands!  Check them out if you need a special outfit for the little girl{s} in your life. 

Meeting Finley!

December 16th, 2014

IMG_2054 IMG_2058 

IMG_2053 IMG_2051 


One of Rose’s BFFs, Harper, has a new baby sister, and we couldn’t wait to meet her; She is beautiful!

Magic in Texas

December 15th, 2014


08-IMG_0951 09-IMG_0979

06-IMG_0994 1-IMG_0981

Her smile tells the story.  This surprise was magical, fantastic, amazing in every way, and we are happy and grateful beyond measure!  Cheers to Noelle for dreaming big!

Turkey Day

December 7th, 2014

3-IMG_1889 5-IMG_1883 4-IMG_1895

1-IMG_1845 2-IMG_1874

Here are two of our sweet turkeys on Thanksgiving day this year.  This was the extent of my pictures because we were so sick.  You can tell Anna Kate wasn’t feeling well in these pics, but she was on the up swing!  Noelle was a sick girl this Thanksgiving, but Rose was 100%, can you tell?  Winking smile


December 6th, 2014

21-IMG_7001 1-IMG_7977


inspirational quotes 24-IMG_7021




03-IMG_0303 04-IMG_0309

28-IMG_7401 inspirational quote


 Chelsea's tea room for Rose 01-IMG_0261 


sweet Noelle note

Noelle date night snack for mommy and daddy

31-IMG_7690 1-IMG_1850

We’ve been on a few more date nights this fall, and every time we come home, Noelle has left us a snack in the “fredirator.”  I also think of the card above and laugh at myself.  It’s so true!!! 

34-IMG_7429 35-IMG_7431

38-IMG_7485 36-IMG_7436

inspirational quote 30-IMG_7849

ninja turtle chocolate eyes

Anna Kate's kinder kindergarten class book character dress up day pippi longstocking Mrs. Lawless

Anna Kate’s awesome kindergarten class on book character dress-up day!

Noelle mascara tip

I let Noelle wear mascara for dress-up and Halloween.  I walked in the closet and she was putting on her mascara with a notecard to help; I learn something new every day from this kid!  

06-IMG_0322 07-IMG_0326


Our pumpkin was the 4th one from the left.  We won 2nd place at our first Karve N Keg party on Halloween! 

39-IMG_7526 40-IMG_7528

The girls wanted to give Mike and me foot massages one night.  They are so sweet… most of the time!  Winking smile 

41-IMG_7530 42-IMG_7534

They even set up little stations where they wanted us to sit.

13-IMG_0364 09-IMG_0367

Saying goodbye to Mrs. Paula was so super hard and sweet, but you guys know all about that!  Winking smile



Mrs. Paula and Rose 43-IMG_7672


Happy Birthday, Nat!  I love you so much!


16-IMG_0445 17-IMG_0457

Happy birthday, Eden!

18-IMG_0463 19-IMG_0465

Rose on her first day at Mrs. Julie’s Preschool.  We just finished our third week, and they are rockin’ and rollin’.  We are so excited to be a part of her new home preschool, and Rose loves it!  When I picked her up last week from school one day, she said, “Thank you, Mrs. Julie, for letting me come to your house.”  And she was so sincere.  She’s having a ball! 

Lions cheerleaders

The Lions cheer team had such a fun season!

46-IMG_7747 47-IMG_7754

I got rear-ended in early November, so we had to get new car seats.  The girls were not with me, and although I’m still dealing with neck and back pain, we feel so lucky because it could have been much worse.  It’s been just over a month and I still do not have my car back, but we’re hoping it will be ready next week.  It’s been a mess, but we are okay.

48-IMG_7758 49-IMG_7785

We’ve had fun swimming at the gym this fall and nothing beats breakfast for dinner with Cary’s sugar free syrup.  You should try it!

50-IMG_7799 51-IMG_7806

Selling the girls clothes is fun, rewarding and sometimes very sentimental.  I sewed this name label in this jacket when Noelle was less than a year old.  All three babies wore it for a couple of winters each, and it still looked brand new.  I keep some things for the girls, but I just can’t keep everything.  Removing her name after all this time and seeing the blank space with “This belongs to” written above made me super emotional.  I think I’m having seller’s remorse about this one, but at least it will go to a new family, and they will get to enjoy it on their little cutie as much as we have on ours!  Winking smile 


I get to have lunches with Anna Kate at school now, and she doesn’t cry when I have to leave!  Yay!  We are so happy about that!

5-IMG_1815 6-IMG_1819

This.kid.  #nowords

4-IMG_1811 3-IMG_1800

Loving all of Noelle’s fall/winter outfit creations.  Wish I could take a picture of all of them every day!


New car seat boxes = new store for Anna Kate to create.  She’s talking over the intercom to her store customers in this picture about her specials.  The movie boxes are their computer screens and their keyboards are extra ones Mike had in his office.  This is too good!  Anna Kate sets up shop on the daily, always a different store with different designs and features.  She has customer incentives and employee goals, even runs background checks on everyone, customers and co-workers.  It’s hilarious and so very creative.  We all love participating in Anna Kate’s shops!

Annika 8-IMG_1830

Annika and Anna Kate always have a blast playing together!

66-IMG_7811 52-IMG_7856

I made a few vinyl shirts for the girls, and we loved how they turned out.  I’ve sold a few in a little shop I set up on Instagram, and it’s a lot of fun figuring out new things!

55-IMG_7880 54-IMG_7875

Rose has her fair share of pretend areas around the house on the daily too.  Here she fell asleep in her “car.” 

64-IMG_7473 56-IMG_7881

She used the Nintendo remote for her steering wheel and her keys are in the ignition.  After she wakes up, she’ll be ready to go!

Inspirational quote59-IMG_7730

My new love of finding and pondering quotes is a little obvious!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Winking smile

58-IMG_7283 62-IMG_7280 25-IMG_7281

Really sweet reading all of the IG tributes to Oscar de la Renta.  He was amazing and inspired us for sure!

63-IMG_7282 aunt joe pic

Aunt Joe took the picture on the right in Cornwall.  She said, “The birds are expecting…. something wonderful.” I just love that!

22-IMG_7013 inspirational quote

Some of my finds being the “Litter lady” at the girls’ school one day.  Picking up litter is fun; You never know what you are going to find.  It’s like a scavenger hunt, just be sure to wear gloves and then give it a try!

That was a lot of iPhone pics! Cheers to having this one in the books. xo

Tea Party Time

December 3rd, 2014


Such a fun birthday party for Rose’s friend, Harper!  Check out her giving me a thumbs up and a wink to let me know she was having fun.  Love this kid!




03-IMG_1720 05-IMG_1724

tea time 


Happy 4th birthday, Harper!

12-IMG_1778 11-IMG_1771

Love this stage and this age!  Such a fun time having giggle tea with friends.

Saying Goodbye

December 1st, 2014

We love you, Mrs. Paula! 

Final Days of Mrs. Paula’s Preschool

November 30th, 2014


Let’s do this.


Proud girl!

1-P1350358 08-P1350336

Reese and Rose playing blocks together.

09-P1350339 10-P1350351

Rose and Will are best buddies.  In this picture, their animals are kissing.  I asked her about it and she said, “Yes, they are kissing, but if Will asks if he can kiss me, I’ll say, ‘No can do!’”  Whew!  I’m glad that’s all worked out, lol!  She’s crazy!

12-P1350361 13-P1350365

15-P1350371 14-P1350370

16-P1350372 17-P1350381

18-P1350383 19-P1350387

20-P1350394 21-P1350396 

01-P1350238 02-P1350261

Rose and Reese getting in their final sunny swings at MPP.

05-P1350271 03-P1350262 04-P1350277

Friendship fruit salad, another annual tradition at MPP.


Pumpkin shopping with Will.

23-P1350427 24-P1350429




Mrs. Paula’s specialty was amazing field trips!  They went on one at least every other week.


Thank you for this sweet little picture of our Rose! 


Monster mash craft creation we look forward to each year.  They always turn out so similar yet so different! 


These are a few of Mrs. Paula’s pictures from the field trip to the farm, which was our last field trip at MPP and one of the few the parents attend too!

32-P1350662 33-P1350690


34-P1350704 35-P1350709

Rose, Will and Wilbur the pig!





42-P1350840 43-P1350860

44-P1350876 45-P1350883

Stuffing a scare crow!


47-P1350946 49-P1360014

Back to school for a little more discovering and learning to be had before we had to say goodbye.

48-P1350998 55-P1360101

50-P1360021 1-P1360046



Music time, with toddlers this has to be done outside, of course! 

53-P1360060 54-P1360069

Sorting, fine-motor building and sensory play!


Rose told me she almost caught this bird, lol!

58-P1360488 59-P1360492



62-P1360500 63-P1360505

Will picked Reese and Rose to make his birthday cake with him.  Happy birthday, Will!


I wonder how many thousands of books Mrs. Paula has read to our kiddos.

66-P1360522 65-P1360514

Kicking karate kings for the letter K!

74-P1360173 75-P1360180

Dancing, dancing!

79-P1360210 77-P1360191

More experimenting and learning through our senses.

78-P1360239 80-P1360211 


Rose’s big sisters had pajama day at their school this day, so Rose chose to have pajama day too! 


This play room has seen endless hours of learning and laughter.  What a special place!


84-P1360274 83-P1360270

85-P1360308 86-P1360309


Mrs. Paula let the kids vote on what they wanted their last activities to be, what their very favorite ones were from their time at her school.  She made a list and made sure they did them all before the last day of school.  Cheers to one last dress-up party!

70-P1360556 68-P1360543 69-P1360555

Mrs. Paula gave each of the kids presents filled with all of their favorite toys and games from school.  She also gave each child several books and a field trip shirt, the things she thought would be most meaningful to them.  I love the way she is looking at Rose in the far right picture.  She marveled at each and every child, for their individuality and uniqueness they each brought to the story.  She adores her kids, and they adore her right back (that can’t be written in past tense, good grief this is hard)!

71-P1360576 73-P1360588

We had a blast at her going away party, which we were able to throw on the night of their very last day of school.  Students and families from past and present all came together to share a meal, memory video, and celebratory cake!  It was a very special and emotional night filled with lots of hugs and tears.


What a legacy of love and learning she has shared with all of us!  She will remain in our hearts for always!

All Good Things Must Come to an End…

November 30th, 2014


During my next post, I’m going to share with you guys Rose’s last month at Mrs. Paula’s Preschool and our experience of saying goodbye to our toddler whisperer/real life Mary Poppins/educator extraordinaire.  For some people, teaching is just a job, for others it is a passion, and then for every one in a million, it is the air they breathe.  Our family has been inspired, uplifted, encouraged, motivated and given hope by the energy Mrs. Paula has shared with our preschoolers.  There are no words to describe our love and gratitude, but if you have followed our blog for even a little while, you know how much Mrs. Paula has poured into our kids by the pictures she took of them all day, every day, and then faithfully shared with us.  I honestly have prolonged these next few posts for as long as possible, because I just haven’t wanted saying goodbye to be official.  I kept thinking, if there are pictures on her share site I haven’t seen yet, there are still new experiences left for me to discover.  In a weird way, this has helped me cope, like almost saying goodbye in phases.  I bought a nice card for her and started writing my thank you/goodbye letter during our last week of school, but quickly ripped it up and threw it in the trash, tears flowing.  I wasn’t ready for that yet.  I still have yet to write her a card or give her a going away present.  I’m just not ready, and her family hasn’t officially moved to California yet, so I still have time… to keep saying goodbye.  Winking smile  Endings are so very sad and hard.  I always look back and wonder where all the time went and how the middle was in fact the best part.  Endings always help me reflect on how I can make the present count for more.  And while this is a beautiful ending of a sweet sweet chapter for our family that has a happy ending for our teacher, it still leaves my heart aching.  It just wasn’t planned for any of us, and the loss of the year and a half Rose was going to have in this fairytale just wasn’t meant to be.  So, I’ll press into that ache and ponder thoughts of deep gratitude and thanks.  Mrs. Paula has given our littles a wonderland of discoveries, where stomping in rain puddles were encouraged, where playing in leaves were common play, and where the kids’ imaginations set the stage for each and every day.  Words can’t explain how much we are going to miss her or how incredibly blessed we feel to have been a part of something this special!  We love you, Mrs. Paula, and will never ever forget all the amazing memories you made with us!

Girl Power!

November 29th, 2014


Noelle, Julia, Anna Kate and Malia had a blast dressing up for superhero day at school during red ribbon week!

 11-IMG_0826 13-IMG_0838




06-IMG_0819 08-IMG_0837 




They are awesome super girls!