One Last Hurrah!

July 27th, 2015


IMG_8152 IMG_8171


IMG_8192 IMG_8151






IMG_8269 IMG_8266


IMG_8180 IMG_8272 



These are the sweetest days I have ever known.

Beautiful Night on the Beach

July 25th, 2015


Thank you, Brother Man, for this beautiful family picture!  You are such an awesome bro!

IMG_8479 IMG_8595


IMG_8423 IMG_8424


IMG_8408 IMG_8411

IMG_8434 IMG_8449

IMG_8513 IMG_8517 IMG_8518


IMG_8544 IMG_8581 


IMG_8625 IMG_8634


IMG_8666 IMG_8660


IMG_8707 IMG_8742

Beach Babes!

July 23rd, 2015


IMG_7911-001 IMG_7913-001


Cousin Time

July 23rd, 2015


Here’s all the Banks cousins in birth order at the pool.  Considering 8 kids were going in 8 different directions, this was a miracle pic!


Go Noelle!

IMG_8029 IMG_8027

Harper and Saylor twinning!


Almost nap time for the littles!



Someone’s jelly, lol!

IMG_8079 IMG_8092

Love this silly little monkey!


Rose helping Harper figure out a game.  Love seeing them work together!

IMG_8110 IMG_8127

Noelle is just as sweet as ever!  Love these beach bums!

Shopping Along 30A

July 20th, 2015


Our lovely little ladies were ready for a day full of shopping with their little purses ready! Poor SaySay!

IMG_0045 IMG_0047

Our first stop was the Alys Beach play ground!  We’ve had several friends recommend this fun little spot, so we had to check it out!


IMG_0067 IMG_0081


IMG_0084 IMG_0106

I’d say it was a hit!  The girls loooved this funky play ground.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118

Our next stop was souvenir shopping in Seacrest Beach!  The Sweet Peddler candy shop was so colorful and fun!


IMG_0131 IMG_0144

IMG_0125 IMG_0133

Anna Kate picked out all my favorite candy.  She’s so sweet!

IMG_0140 IMG_0128

IMG_0158 IMG_0149

I don’t think there is a candy on earth that they don’t have!

IMG_0150 Saylor

The snow cone stand was such a rip off in Seacrest!  $5 for a small snow cone.  If you’re in the area and want a snow cone, wait to get it at Frost Bites in Seaside! 

IMG_7656 IMG_7668

Gigi’s toy store in Rosemary Beach is amazing, and they have a little house shop in Seacrest Beach for girls called Gigi’s STELLAR tweens.  We looooved it!  They even had this ongoing garland all the kids that come can tie on ribbons and when each strand is finished, they hang it from the chandelier inside.  So cool!


IMG_7675 IMG_2655

Mike tried this lobster roll for lunch.  He thought it was delicious!


Eyelashes for dayz and an adoring father admiring his baby!


Next stop, Rosemary Beach!  We’ve been dying to explore this area of 30A ever since my mom visited and told us all about it!

IMG_7685 IMG_7690

Anna Kate and I checked everything out while the other girls fell asleep in the car on the way over.  First stop, Gigi’s toy store!  This toy store is everything you dream as a kid that a toy store would be!  The owner was so passionate about all of her products.  She excitedly took us all over the store showing us her favorite things.  I love that!

IMG_7706 IMG_7710 IMG_7714

Anna Kate bought a sand dollar at a furniture store and ran into the cutest puppy ever!  She got her super cute flip flop necklace at Gigi’s!

IMG_7723 IMG_7717

After Anna Kate and I walked down to the beach and back up the famous Main Street of Rosemary Beach, Noelle joined us to check out The Sugar Shak!

IMG_7727 IMG_7734

We were all sugared out!

IMG_7773 IMG_7746

Anna Kate couldn’t wait to bring sissy back to Gigi’s to show her everything and play!

IMG_7783 IMG_7792

Headed back to the car for the last stop on our 30A tour…

IMG_7796 IMG_7804

(first we had to look for my missing sunglasses at the play ground from this morning)


Last stop, the food trucks in Seaside!  We could not wait to try all of the delicious food we’ve heard so much about!


Picture taken by Noelle near The Melt Down waiting for her grilled cheese sandwich.  Beautiful!

IMG_7849 IMG_7853

Rose was just waking up from her long nap in the car and super hungry!

IMG_7809-001 IMG_7839

Noelle asked if she could take this picture of Mike and me.  She’s always thinking about all of us and so so sweet!

IMG_7862 IMG_7866

Here’s the last of her grilled cheese on top of my bar-b-que sandwich which was amazing!!!  I also got tomato soup from The Melt Down, which made my mouth just water thinking about it.  Everything we ate at the food trucks was the best in its class!  I’m so glad we got to eat here!


We got to hear a little bit of an outdoor concert on our way back to the car.  We would’ve stayed longer, but we wanted to get back to our resort for fireworks.  This is what summer is all about!

IMG_7875 IMG_7889

Bye Seaside!  You were lovely!!!

IMG_7897-001 IMG_7898

Awesome way to end a super fun day along 30A!

Waves for Days!

July 15th, 2015


We love Florida and family time hanging out on the beach!

IMG_9728 IMG_9767-001

IMG_9764 IMG_9785

IMG_9787 IMG_9791

IMG_9806 IMG_9800

“I’m the queen of the world!”



Rose contemplating kissing this frog to see if he would turn into a prince.  I love this picture!

IMG_9817 IMG_9818

She almost built up her courage and then quickly went for it.  She said, “He didn’t turn into a prince. Oh well!”

IMG_9832 IMG_9841

Harper and Rose looove to match!  It’s the cutest thing.  After I took their picture, they kept hugging and hugging, squeezing their little cheeks together.  They are so cute!

IMG_9861 IMG_9858 

IMG_9867 IMG_9872

IMG_9877 IMG_9881

Even Saylor got in on the action!  She’s almost a big girl, but if you ask her if she’s a big girl or a baby, she’ll say in the sweetest little voice, “A baby!” 


I was sitting on a pool chair watching everyone go off to play in this picture and my heart was so full.  Vacations are good for the soul!

IMG_9891 IMG_9887

Lazy river time!  I scored big on finding a condo with tons of pools, hot tubs and a lazy river, but it back fired!  It was so much fun, the girls wanted to stay at the pool the whole time, so we had to take turns going to the beach in between pool times.   

IMG_9897 IMG_9909

I’ve already written about this night on Instagram, but I’ll briefly describe what happened this night when we went out to catch some waves.


For us, it looked like a calm evening on the beach, no double red flags or anything suspicious.  Mike, John, Noelle and I decided to go boogie boarding.  Mike stayed back on the shoreline watching us, while the three of us went out to board.  I had a weird gut feeling about Noelle needing to stay close to the shore.  I’m not sure why, but I treaded water back and told Mike not to let her go past her waist.  That was right after the picture below was taken. 


If you look closely, you can see near the right of this picture, two waves going perpendicular to the shore.  That was where a rip current was located, just yards away from our girl.  Not sure why I had a weird feeling about Noelle and not myself, but it is what it is.  I went out just past these three waves to ride a wave in, but I got stuck in the rip current that we didn’t know was there at the time.  It kept swirling me around, and I couldn’t make any headway.  I knew to swim sideways but that didn’t help.  Mike saw me struggling and swam out to help me, but he got stuck too.  I flagged down my brother, and he came to pull me out.  I threw him my board, which was connected to my wrist and tried to kick as hard as I could to help him while he was pulling me.  As soon as I made it out, I looked back, and Mike was out too.  To say it freaked us out is an understatement.  It really stinks because we love to boogie board and have done it a lot through the years.  This really messed us up.   


Fortunately, Noelle was building this sand castle and didn’t know what was happening in the ocean in front of her.  We think Tropical Storm Bill had churned everything up, but it never rained once and lots of people were in the water, no warning signs whatsoever, so it didn’t even cross our minds.  The next day, they had red flags on the shoreline and a life guard in the water directing people away from the rip area.  Wish they had found it before we did.  That all said, we were okay and thankful for absolutely everything.  Life is so short, and we were truly reminded of that this night.


They had this flag and a life guard on the shoreline right where we were boarding the next day, but it was a day too late for us!

IMG_9946 IMG_9954


IMG_9976 IMG_9981


Thankful for our beautiful little girls!

IMG_7515 IMG_9990

Our condo had the cutest little kids cave with built in bunk beds, which were a huge hit!


Whew!  I’ve got to admit, I was glad this day was over.  The following day, we took a break from the water, and explored all over 30-A!

The Best Monday Ever!

July 12th, 2015




IMG_8902 IMG_8926

IMG_8916 IMG_8917

IMG_8938 IMG_8964


IMG_8979 IMG_8983



IMG_9003 IMG_8999

IMG_9006 IMG_9012

IMG_9017 IMG_8995




IMG_9058 IMG_9060 

IMG_9076 IMG_9082


IMG_9129 IMG_9130

IMG_9131 IMG_9133 IMG_9143


IMG_9144 IMG_9157 

IMG_9166 IMG_9164


IMG_9191 IMG_9213

IMG_9280 IMG_9378

IMG_9283 IMG_9170


IMG_9390-001 IMG_9258


IMG_9536 Mike Pond Daddy

IMG_7625-001 IMG_7593

our beautiful baby girl  

IMG_7599 IMG_9171-001


IMG_2631 IMG_9668

IMG_9675 IMG_9680

IMG_9683 IMG_9684

IMG_9694 IMG_9693

Awesome day 2 at the beach!


July 9th, 2015


Our big summer vacation happened sooner rather than later this summer, and I’ve got lots of pictures to show for it!  Winking smile I think my very favorite part of vacation is when we arrive at our destination.  The girls think the condo/hotel/house is totally amazing each time we go somewhere, even though it’s usually super simple!  You should see the way they run through each room jumping and squealing!  The cousins reuniting was the cherry on top, I mean, look at these happy girls!

IMG_8872 IMG_8865

See what I did right there with their shirts?  Sometimes the middle child needs something to call her own, God love her!  The girls couldn’t wait to check out the pools at the condo.  It was like a water park right on the beach! 

IMG_8847 IMG_8860

These two crack me up!  #adorable


IMG_8833 IMG_8829

IMG_8828 IMG_8821

IMG_8836 Saylor

Mike took this random selfie with Saylor.  I think she’s going to love it someday!

IMG_8884 IMG_8882

The beautiful Banks girls!  xoxo

IMG_8875 IMG_8878

Anna Kate and Saylor are big buddies!  They always gravitate to each other, and it’s so cute, especially since they are such different ages.

Sunday Funday

July 6th, 2015

*This was several weeks ago!  I’m soooo behind on absolutely everything and summer is go time for Mommies… workin’ the list!  Winking smile

Emily and Noelle

grapes in cheeks Anna Kate


Happy birthday, Shelby!


Shelby and Anna Kate








IMG_8788-001 Vivienne

Vivienne Emily

We love summer and awesome friends to share it with us!

First Sleepover

July 2nd, 2015

IMG_7357 IMG_7359

Anna Kate and Malia had their first sleepover to celebrate Malia’s 6th birthday!  To say they had a blast is an understatement! 

IMG_7352-001 IMG_7351-001

IMG_7360 IMG_7361

IMG_8958 IMG_8964

IMG_8960 IMG_8961


Texas Roadhouse was the birthday girl’s pick for dinner.  Malia’s sweet Mama sent me all of these pictures!

IMG_8952 IMG_8979

Anna Kate did a DIY card for Malia!

IMG_8987 IMG_8995

Pool time to end such a fun night together!  So happy they have each other.

IMG_8384 IMG_8382 


Here are a few pictures from the last day of kindergarten for these cutie pies!