First Day of Dance!

October 4th, 2015

IMG_2495-001 IMG_2500

So excited for these little dancers! Noelle is taking hip hop (first formal dance since she was 3!), and Anna Kate is taking tap, ballet, and jazz. Can’t wait!


Last Swim?

October 4th, 2015

IMG_2355 IMG_2344


I think our last swim just came and went. We’re going to miss you, summer!

August YOLO

October 3rd, 2015

IMG_5059 IMG_5060

This was our wild and crazy back to school month for the year!


IMG_5071 IMG_5068

We found this cute little buddy with no tags on the street that one of our friends lives on. As we were getting in our car to go home, he followed us, and I was too afraid I’d run over him to drive off. We got out and gave him water from one of our leftover cups, and he guzzled it right up. He was so thirsty and lonely… one thing led to another, and here he is having a spend the night with us. Mike put his picture with a missing dog description on social media and found out he has owners. They pretty much don’t care about him as they let him roam the streets 24/7 parched in the blistering Texas heat with no tags, but he was their dog. They didn’t answer the door when we returned him, so we had to trick him with food into staying in their back yard in enough time for us to drive away. We came back several times to play with him and say hi (we walked these times because driving off was impossible), and every time, he was outside waiting for us. So sad! The last time we went back to check on him, his family had moved, and he was gone. I think about this little buddy a lot and hope he is okay. He was a very sweet dog.

IMG_5096-001 IMG_5073-001

Rose playing with Noelle’s make-up app, and Rara’s wrapped presents are the best!


Can we say pre-tween?! Boo for getting too big too fast!

IMG_5105 IMG_6962 (1)

At least once a week, Anna Kate sets up the most creative shops, perfectly thought out. We all love to buy things from her shop. She makes it super easy and accepts pretend money without a blink! And about the picture on the left—I know, I know, I should wear gloves, but they get in the way of my yard work. Digging in the earth is exhilarating for me, and I love a pretty yard! If I’m ever stressed, you’ll see me out in my yard. It’ a huge source of relaxation for me! I promise I start out with gloves every time, but they never stay on for long. I’ve met two grass snakes this year. Fortunately, both times, I had my gloves on!

IMG_5142 IMG_5158

We missed Will’s birthday this year, so Rose insisted on collecting presents for him this summer. She was thrilled to take them to him and play outside for a little bit. If you’ve followed the blog for a while, he was Rose’s little buddy at Mrs. Paula’s preschool last year. The one on the bench… well, let me get that picture right quick. It’s a favorite. All to say, they are super great friends that go way back, lol!

Rose and Will on bench


Will and Rose

Found this one too, OMG, the drama!

IMG_0972 IMG_5203

Noelle and Maddie are sweet friends, and Maddie was awesome to help during our service projects this summer. She’s a great kid! Anna Kate looks so cute in overalls! I was so excited when I found these pin-striped overalls for her for back to school—She is awesome about wearing almost anything I bring home. I love it!


Had to go back to the park to find our left-behind, beloved cat hat. Whew, glad it was still there!

IMG_5161 IMG_6990 (4)


Miss Joella!


Too much sass and all the things! Love her!

IMG_5731 IMG_5741

Jax is and always will be #1! He has our entire family completely smitten, and when he comes here to stay while my parents travel, he gets absolutely anything/everything he wants! He’s usually on something soft, wrapped in a blanket. There is no sweeter, kinder, more patient, gentle, and therapeutic dog in the whole wide world! He makes everyone feel so special!

IMG_5752 IMG_5763

IMG_5830 IMG_2162

IMG_5839 IMG_5831-001

Rose and I took Jax on a picnic one day during his last visit. I bet we’ve said a thousand times, “He’s such a good dog!” He’s excessively patient with Rose as well. Someday I will be able to tell the tale on Rose and it will be funny, but for today, I’ll just say, she isn’t allowed to be alone with him, but he wants her and loves her all the same. He holds no grudges or hard feelings whatsoever. Aunt Nancy is FINALLY kidney stone free and back on track. It was a very dangerous, exhausting situation, and we are so thankful she is all better!


Love this little cutie so much! She’s always doing sweet set-ups to say, “I love you!” She has such a good heart, and I hear of her kindnesses from all over the place, and I’m so proud of her for always trying to do what is right! 

Saylor jax and rose on a picnic

On my first outing by myself with the Banks girls, I couldn’t ask for a bigger smile than this from Saylor Rose!

IMG_5856-001 IMG_5921

Mike and the girls love playing the Japanese app, Neko Atsume. Every night they beg to go check on their cats! The first time I heard them ask Mike to go check on their cats, I was so confused, lol! And here are our little heroes!

biggest truck I've ever seen

Someone just got new tires! I took this picture for a big truck loving friend in California. Bigger in Texas, but really—This is quite silly!

IMG_5925-001 IMG_5377

Juicy orange sorbet from TCBY is my favorite treat ever!!!

IMG_5919 IMG_5881-001

Saylor, Harper and Rose were 3 peas in a pod when we were in Houston!


I haven’t been back to Common Grounds, our favorite coffee shop in college, in years! We had to drive through Waco to get home from our road trip, so we stopped for some late night coffee. The only thing that was the same was the photo collage of the man flushing the toilet that was still hung in their bathroom—It’s such a fun place!

IMG_6029 rose and her crazy hair on the trampoline

IMG_6034 IMG_6039


IMG_6049 IMG_6055

Delicious Bar-B-Q with Poppa, Rose, Jax and Mike!

IMG_6051 IMG_5306 

Megan Gordon became my godmother IMG_5325

Anna Kate made our friend Megan a little gift for being the last guest at our Euc party—It was a pencil, paper clip, and of course, a shark tooth!

IMG_5104 pasta salad 


Emily Noelle Anna Kate


Summer play dates usually consisted of a trip to Wal-Mart where we ran into lots more friends!

SONY DSC JoellaRose collage age 4

Baby Joella rockin’ it out at her newborn photo shoot and a collage I made of all the awesome faces of Rose!

IMG_5429 IMG_5942

My super heroes this summer at Six Flags, and Anna Kate and Rose pretending to be the bride and groom one slow Sunday afternoon.


Princess Rose with King Brayden and Guard Braxton. This was the best afternoon of pretend I’ve ever witnessed in my life!


Six Flags collage!


They were in another world, and I know it was the most magical place imaginable!

IMG_1574 mug shot 

Anna Kate set up a “mug shot” for Rose. Kindly, she wrote “princess” under Rose’s numbers. Doesn’t she look as guilty as ever? I call the second picture #busted!

IMG_5507 IMG_5555

Rose’s outfits this summer were awesome! When 4 year olds dress themselves and own it, it’s just so great!

Sydney Eden Anna Kate

While the big sisters had a sleepover at our house, the littles slept over at the Robinson’s—Such a fun night all the way around!

Eden Sydney IMG_5850

Morning bed heads and Rose playing with torturing Jax. Fortunately, he was asleep and didn’t even notice how silly he looked! Bless his puppy heart!


We go on one-on-one dates with the girls as often as time allows, and this date I had with Rose was super fun and sweet!

clay art with dad IMG_5573

The big girls worked together and made this worm crawling in an apple out of clay at home while Rose and I built her Christmas present at Build-A-Bear! She has wanted a My Little Pony from Build-A-Bear ever since her MLP birthday in February! They were about to be expired, so I’m thankful we got her one. More than the big girls, she really plays with her stuffed animals—A lot! It’s really cool to watch. She has little voices for each animal, and they talk out loud back and forth for hours at a time. She spins the best stories! I’ve recorded so many of her little play times with her dolls/animals!


IMG_5581 Jax

IMG_5586 IMG_5598

Daddy cuddles and Rangers game fun!

IMG_5613 IMG_1797

As I pulled out of Starbucks one day, this field was staring me straight in the face. I’m blown away by the endless amount of litter in our community. It’s devastating and so irresponsible to me. I’m so sad there are so many of us who lack a care for our environment. Just wanted someone else out there to see this and hopefully pick up a little trash here and there to help out our beautiful earth. I shudder to think what we are leaving behind for future generations. I hope the earth can sustain the damage. That may sound extreme, but this looks extreme, and we’re not even talking about the air that we breathe into our lungs on the daily. Okay, moving on. The picture to the right is Anna Kate in the middle of getting her back to school bob hair cut! The back is cut in this picture, but the front is still long. I love it both long and short, and it’s fun to let her decide how she wants to wear it!


Always having fun!

apple art

When the girls ask Mike to cut them apples, this is what he does! #inlove

IMG_5662 IMG_5676

I seriously found edible grapes in our back yard this summer! I was trimming back some brush, and under a thick bunch of leaves, this is what I found. Each grape had two seeds each, but other than that, they were sweet and delicious! Sadly, the stalk is on our neighbors side of the fence, and she said they may not keep the bush. It does take up a lot of room in their back yard, but it was a fun surprise hanging over our fence this summer!

back to school letter to mrs. lawless her kindergarten teacher, going into 1st grade IMG_5684

Anna Kate wrote her kindergarten teacher an awesome back to school letter about her summer. I love letting her free write and try to guess the correct spelling and wing it, but it’s also important for her to start learning correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. For this writing exercise, she dictated what she wanted to say, and I quickly typed her words on the computer. I printed her letter and then she sat down at the table and wrote it out on notebook paper. She worked so hard getting everything just right, and her handwriting is impressive for a 6 year old! She’s blowing us away with her smarts! Her inventions keep coming and are so clever and cool (she made a pulley last night to open and close a drawer), and she is reading soooo well! I’m excited for her. In the picture on the right, she got a time-out after meet the teacher. When Mike went to get her (after 6 minutes), she was sound asleep! I can’t say that has ever happened in the Pond house before! Back to school is always an adjustment for our late-night family but school hadn’t even started when this happened! She’s a precious kid, and I think our consistent discipline is contributing to our girls turning into lovely little ladies. Don’t get me wrong, we all get exhausted and let things slip, and we are far from perfect, but when we can follow through with the things you say with the appropriate reward or consequence, it makes a huge difference! I’m seeing that first-hand! Say what you mean and mean what you say and don’t ignore bad behavior! And love big and hard, unconditionally. The last one is easy! These are a few tips that are helping us along the way, and when we get tired and let things slip, we all feel it. It’s way less fun just coasting along than taking time out initially to address behavior problems and then moving on so the rest of our day/night can be fun and happy!

Go Rangers!

September 30th, 2015

IMG_1736 IMG_1778 

IMG_1789 IMG_1764

IMG_1783 IMG_1757

The CGH Foldup Braids

September 29th, 2015


A few weeks ago, Noelle got featured on CGH’s Instagram account for our attempt at the CGH foldup braids! Pretty pretty!

The Euc Reunion

September 27th, 2015

The Euc Reunion Euc Eucatastrophe

These are our people! Good grief, our love is strong and tears down any kind of barrier you can imagine. Sometimes I wonder if people really knew me, if they’d love me the same. Well, the majority of these folks have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and love me unconditionally. When I think of them, the word home comes to mind. I just wish we could get together more often!




IMG_1188 IMG_1193

Happy birthday, Phil! Who knew Sarah could play corn hole? If you play against her, you’ll lose—It just is what it is! 

IMG_1215 IMG_1245

Baby Emma Fox has stolen all of our hearts! We got to meet her in the NICU this summer and are so happy she is home and thriving. What a sweet little bundle of joy!

IMG_1225 IMG_1232

Special memories and such a sweet little bunch!

First Soccer Practice {Ever}

September 25th, 2015

IMG_2550-001 IMG_2571

I peg this to be such a great season! After tonight, I realized this is the perfect sport/activity for Rose. She is not messing around! Here she is with her school friends, Lucy and Harper—They are having fun at preschool together too!


I loved seeing Rose’s first pass. She said, “Hey Lucy!” and then kicked it straight to her up the side! #skillz  

IMG_2556 IMG_2569

Someone’s pumping fists and down to business. I think we may have a soccer player on our hands. Her faces are too funny!


I absolutely LOVE this picture! One, because Rose made a goal, whahoo!, and I love that her Daddy and sisters got to see it! Mike had just walked up and the girls went to greet him, so they could’ve easily missed it, but they were stopped in their tracks, admiring our itty bitty. So sweet!

Animal Lover Through the Years

September 25th, 2015

IMG_1718 IMG_1720-001


noelle and a sheep petting zoo arboretum


I LOVE this about Noelle—She’s loved all creatures great and small since Day 1, and I know that makes the world a better place! Have an awesome weekend!

First Day of Preschool!

September 21st, 2015

IMG_2397 IMG_2413

Gotta love sweet baby Rose and her back to school get-up!


IMG_2435-001 IMG_2431

Rose is so excited to be in the same class with her sweet friends, Lucy and Harper!

IMG_2451 IMG_2461

IMG_2475 IMG_2520 IMG_2471

I thought it’d be so pretty for Rose to have a back to school picture in front of the rose bushes. As you can see, she did not. God love our baby child! When I was printing our little back to school signs, this first day of freedom sign printed at the end of the batch, so I had to put it to good use—Too funny!

Cheer Kick-off Events for Cutie Kate!

September 20th, 2015


Anna Kate has had so much fun the past few weeks kicking off her first season of cheerleading, from practices to a swim party and even a lemonade stand fund raiser! These girls have been busy and have an awesome season ahead of them!

Tigers cheer IMG_1821

IMG_1823 IMG_2371 


Too much fun in the sun!