It’s Rodeo Time!

August 24th, 2015

IMG_0489 IMG_0485

Noelle and Emily had so much fun going to the rodeo for Carson’s 10th birthday! How are these girls already starting to turn 10!?!  

National Sister Day!

August 19th, 2015

IMG_0759 IMG_0762

IMG_0766 IMG_0768

Noelle found out it was “National Sister Day” earlier this month and spoiled Anna Kate rotten (Rose was taking a nap when all of this went down). Foot massage, mani/pedi, Coke, fruit cup—It cracks me up how totally comfortable and entitled Anna Kate looks!  I love the awesome days they show their true love for each other through kind actions.  Deep down it’s always there, but whew! It’s just really nice to see it on display at times like this!  Love is the answer!

Summer Fun: Watermelon Edition

August 19th, 2015


IMG_0502 IMG_0516


DSC_0034 (3) (1)

We had such a blast catching up with the Horton girls and Katie at our annual matching swimsuit play date!  These girls are so much fun!  From left to right: Audree, Noelle, Brylee, Anna Kate, Rose, Katie and Cerly. 

We’re soaking up every last second of our last week of summer break this week! 

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

August 15th, 2015


Georgia and Noelle relaxing in the summer sun!

IMG_0568-001 IMG_0573

Rose, Lizzy, Katie, Finley and Shelby!


IMG_0574-001 IMG_0580-002



We have simply loved this summer!  Cannot believe we only have one week until back to school!  Nooo!

Crazy Cousin Fun!

August 14th, 2015


IMG_0474 IMG_0469-001

Loved seeing our cousins as they passed through Texas in July.


August 13th, 2015


IMG_7986 IMG_7995 

IMG_8002 IMG_8011


IMG_8020 IMG_8029

IMG_8057 IMG_8068-001

IMG_8072 IMG_8073

Love my baby ballerina!  She’s decided to try out soccer this fall instead of dance.  I’ll miss watching her dance every week to Edelweiss, which was just too sweet, but am excited to see her learn a sport I think she will love.  She’s an awesome ballerina when she wants to be (key point), so she can pick it back up down the road if she wants to.  Love you, sweet baby Rose!

Family Night

August 12th, 2015

IMG_0010 IMG_0006 IMG_9997

We had such a blast meeting Preston, our awesome friends, Beau and Kristin’s little baby!  The girls are in love!  

IMG_0001 IMG_0005 

IMG_0033 IMG_0041


IMG_01028 IMG_0035 

IMG_0079 IMG_0099

IMG_0100 IMG_0034


Doesn’t get more fun than a glow in the dark splash pad!  Late summer nights out are the best!


August 12th, 2015




Love these crazy girls!  A sleepover seven girls strong was no joke, and we’ve got another one coming this weekend!  #summerfun

Happy 3rd Birthday, Logan!

August 10th, 2015

IMG_9815 IMG_9909

Such a fun summer day celebrating our buddy, Logan!

IMG_9823 IMG_9819

IMG_9827 IMG_9831

Tell ‘em Rose!  They may not listen, but you can try girlfriend!  It’s always worth a try.  Love the Fearing family!

IMG_9841 IMG_9837


IMG_9843 IMG_9846

IMG_9847 IMG_9856


Go Landon!


IMG_9867 IMG_9888

Best cannonball of the summer!

IMG_9876 IMG_9881


IMG_9894 IMG_9901

Jon asked Rose to strike a pose, lol! 



Telling the fire breathing dragon off!  She totally wants one of these dragons for Christmas now!

IMG_9944 IMG_9947

More tough talk with the dragon!

IMG_9949 IMG_9957

IMG_9964 IMG_9975

Happy birthday, Logan!  You’re awesome!

Play-Doh Creations

August 10th, 2015

IMG_9807 IMG_9813

First creation was made by Rose, and the second creation was made by Anna Kate!

play doh IMG_9811

Blueberry cupcake made by Noelle and who knows what made by Rose!