First Sleepover

July 2nd, 2015

IMG_7357 IMG_7359

Anna Kate and Malia had their first sleepover to celebrate Malia’s 6th birthday!  To say they had a blast is an understatement! 

IMG_7352-001 IMG_7351-001

IMG_7360 IMG_7361

IMG_8958 IMG_8964

IMG_8960 IMG_8961


Texas Roadhouse was the birthday girl’s pick for dinner.  Malia’s sweet Mama sent me all of these pictures!

IMG_8952 IMG_8979

Anna Kate did a DIY card for Malia!

IMG_8987 IMG_8995

Pool time to end such a fun night together!  So thankful they have each other.

IMG_8384 IMG_8382 


Here are a few pictures from the last day of kindergarten for these cutie pies!

May YOLO Part 2

June 29th, 2015

IMG_3577 IMG_3566

Loved having Poppa and Rara here for the girls’ dance recital!

IMG_3655 IMG_3591

I thought this picture of the girls getting in our car after dress rehearsal was too cute! 

IMG_3587 IMG_3589

I love finding pictures the girls take with my phone!

IMG_3584 IMG_3580

Mike found this amazing movie theater with reclining chairs we tried out when my parents were in town.  They were a huge hit! 

IMG_7452 IMG_7448

Practicing Rose’s dance recital hair.  It was tricky!

IMG_7416 bekah

Dress-up and princess party where Anna Kate got to see Bekah!

IMG_7427 IMG_7426

Anna Kate all dressed up for a princess meet and greet with Vivienne.

IMG_3697 IMG_3699

IMG_3700 IMG_3701

IMG_3704 IMG_3705

IMG_3706 IMG_3708

They are so cute and had so much fun!

IMG_3529 Payton

Every time we go in a store, Rose asks me to take her picture with a mannequin.  She’s so silly!  Payton was a sweet dance friend for Rose this year!

IMG_3507 Kinsley

Rose had such a great dance class.  Here they are after dress rehearsal.  She and Kinsley made fast friends! 

IMG_3476 IMG_3448

No mirrors the week of recital in the studio!  The girls always look forward to drawing on it before and after class.  Rose made me yogurt with strawberries mixed in that she asked me to cut.  Then she asked me to write, “Mom loves Rose” on her writing board.  I so loved our slow days together this spring.

IMG_3473 IMG_3462

She loved volunteering with me at school this May.  This was pajama day!


The sky looked like this pretty much every day for the entire month of May.  We got so much rain here in Texas!

IMG_3319 IMG_3348

Rose makes me laugh!


Cute birthday picture celebrating Vivienne!

IMG_3309 IMG_3316

Rose loves to dress herself, and her choices are always highly entertaining!  She loves chocolate yogurt too!


I enjoy working in our yard so much!  It’s a great stress reliever!  

IMG_3268 IMG_3238

IMG_3233 IMG_3228

One spring day, Rose and I went on a walk/tricycle ride to have an afternoon tea party.

IMG_3224 IMG_3248 IMG_3219

She dressed herself again and didn’t forget her lipstick!

IMG_3217 IMG_3215

I love this happy girl!

IMG_3208 IMG_3212

I needed the sun so much this day!  It was perfect!

IMG_3203 IMG_3202


IMG_7345 IMG_3194

Here’s some of the flooding only a block away from our neighborhood.  It was crazy there for a while!

IMG_1623 IMG_3187


Here’s another couple pictures of how high the water got in May.


nature park

IMG_3155 IMG_1631

One night when we were working in the yard, Anna Kate found a doodle bug that had her babies in Anna Kate’s hand!  It was amazing!

IMG_3148 IMG_3145

Noelle and I are always playing with her hair.  It’s our little girl time when we chat it up!  Mike read the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” and I found our junk drawer looking like this, with sharpened pencils and all!  Surprisingly, it’s stayed pretty organized!  He’s organizing our house, one drawer at a time, and I’m a huge fan! 

IMG_3111 IMG_3083

Loved this summer picnic food!  Ham and apples is an easy meal that we all enjoy (finished dish below)!


Here’s some really great healthy food options I enjoyed last month!  We signed the Food Revolution Day petition and are hoping for a healthier food culture in our country.  It’s really important to us to try to feed our kids with foods that make them feel healthy and strong, not sluggish and tired.  We definitely have treats, but we are aware of what we are eating and try to limit carbs and sugars as much as we can (vacation not included). Smile

IMG_3128 IMG_3126 IMG_3125

Noelle’s new orthodontist has a really cool silly hat collection!  Noelle wanted to try them all on but only got about half-way through them. 

inspirational quote by Ed Sheeran on IG IMG_1644

I love this IG post by Ed Sheeran!  It made a lot of sense to me.  Noelle loves this yard and when we went on a walk, she just had to lay in the perfect grass, lol!

IMG_2880 IMG_2878

These set lists are amazing!

IMG_2610 IMG_7290 

I never want to forget Rose as a toddler!  She’s full speed ahead, or fingers in her mouth on her last leg, there’s no in between.  We always thank her for being a part of our family because we need all of this in our lives!

Dance Recital 2015

June 28th, 2015

IMG_7494-001 IMG_7539-002

IMG_7932-001 IMG_7957


Emily was so excited to see the littles do their thing!

IMG_7953 IMG_7882

IMG_7853 IMG_7844

Rose and her sweet cousin Noemi!

IMG_7878-002 IMG_7836

IMG_7771 IMG_7763

Rose’s dance buddies, Cooper and Kinsley

IMG_7693 IMG_7689

Malia came to support Anna Kate!


All day err day!

IMG_7671 IMG_7666

IMG_7660 IMG_7607

IMG_7642 IMG_7641

IMG_7635 Rara

Rose and Cerly, and the littles with Rara

IMG_7613 IMG_7571-001

IMG_7569 IMG_7610 


IMG_7526 IMG_7521

IMG_7514 IMG_7507

IMG_7503 IMG_7477

Rose with her friends, Cooper and Katie!

Whew!  This year’s dance recital was a whirlwind.  Between four costume changes and lots of moving pieces, I was running around like crazy!  The girls loved dance this year and both learned a lot!  A huge thanks to our family and friends for coming to cheer on our girls.  The lens on our camera broke, so lots of the photos from this day were blurry.  We got our new lens in last week, and we are back in business.  Hoping to get lots of pretty pictures this summer of our growing girly girls!

Lemonade Stand Summer Kick-Off

June 26th, 2015

IMG_8614 IMG_8585

Our family put on a lemonade stand the evening of the last day of school to kick-off summer!  We thought it would be cool for the kids to earn money and find cool ways to give back to those in need with their earnings. 


Thanks Julia for this adorable PondFam5 pic!  Eye contact and a smile from each girl is a rarity! 

IMG_8597 IMG_8623

We are so fortunate to have tons of kids on our street to play with!  Rose cracks me up, as usual!


It was a super hot afternoon, and these guys were thirsty!

IMG_8551 IMG_8560

We love Lisa and Lincoln!  So thankful to have this friend by my side!

IMG_8553 IMG_8580

A friend gave us the idea to invite our friends to serve with us, and we named the group “Super Summer Servers!”  We’re doing our first project in a couple of weeks—can’t wait!  If you’re local and would like to join us, shoot me a text or email.  Smile 


Noelle and Anna Kate worked really hard this evening.  We had a lot of drive-by orders that kept them really busy!

IMG_8540 IMG_8538

Noelle got her “cursive license” at school in May for completing a 50 page packet practicing cursive.  Love it! 

IMG_8530 IMG_8534

Everyone has someone their age to play with!  

IMG_8518 IMG_8517

Will and Rose are big buds!  They just get each other.  Rose was about to have a “toddler tantrum” and you can see it all over her face!


IMG_8526 IMG_8592

IMG_8504 IMG_8509

Bekah trying to snap Rose out of her funk. 

Messages Image(1645173174) IMG_8525

So sweet Anna Kate’s friends were able to stop by too!  Our neighbor, Ian, posted the left picture on his Facebook page, and it really touched me.  This is what it’s all about!  xo

First and Last Days of School

June 22nd, 2015

IMG_6657 IMG_8450

first day of 3rd grade for noelle IMG_8463-001

first day of kindergarten anna kate cutie kate last day of kindergarten

IMG_8442 IMG_8490

Behind the scenes, lol!

after school first day of school 2014 IMG_8475-001

These girls have grown up so much this year!  Rose didn’t go to school this spring, so I don’t have a last day of school picture for her.  We jokingly called her our preschool drop-out, but after Mrs. Paula moved, she was with me 24/7, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  She’ll start back to school with friends in the fall! 

This wraps up the best school year yet!  So happy to have these girlies home for summer!

Happy Father’s Day!

June 21st, 2015

Below are a few of my favorite pictures of Mike being the best Daddy these girls could ever have! 

IMG_8830 daddy daughter valentine dance for anna kate

daddy/daughter valentine dance daddy daughter valentine dance

ak on daddy's shoulders anna kate wink and thumbs up twofer daddy's turn

Noelle and Daddy Mike Daddy and Rose on the beach 

Rose on daddy's shoulders mike and rose sticking out her tongue

IMG_2368 IMG_1372

IMG_0493 IMG_0117

Rose Daddy Arboretum  the kiss kissy picture IMG_5728

IMG_9911 IMG_8875

IMG_0196 Anna Kate and Daddy

IMG_8423 baby Rose and Daddy 

IMG_7276 IMG_0138-001

IMG_6104 IMG_6043

Kiss picture IMG_5393

IMG_6431 IMG_0685 


piano Mike dad Noelle IMG_8000 

We always end up kissing our baby! IMG_3986

IMG_8803 silly baby face 

IMG_9320 IMG_7835

Watching Mike be a dad for the last 9 years have been so tender and special.  There are no words to describe how crazy I am about this man and these girls!  Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Retirement, Poppa & Rara!

June 18th, 2015

IMG_7422 IMG_7378

After 40 years of practicing dentistry and accounting, my mom and dad are retiring!  We are so proud of all the love and care they have given their community, and we are excited and also a little sad this chapter is coming to a close in their lives.  


Pam and Meredith have worked with us for decades, and we are so thankful for them!  We couldn’t have made it without them!

IMG_8185 IMG_7370

I remember sitting on the front porch of the office as a kid, staring at these letters.  Time is a lot slower when you are a kid.  I have good memories here.  My parents were so kind to their patients. 


I chose a black/white theme as a symbol of an ending and a beginning.  Endings are always so bittersweet.  Michele, John and I bought them these lovely flowers.  That made our parents tear up! 

IMG_7401 IMG_8253

There are so many memories from my childhood playing in the creek under Mom and Dad’s office.  Jumping rocks was a favorite and just being still and listening to the ripple of the water.  I will miss this place!


Meredith, Poppa, Rara, and Pam made such a great team!


Before the party was over, the girls had fun playing dentist/patient.  They are always so imaginative!

IMG_8238 IMG_8241

Every time Anna Kate giggled, Dr. Noelle added $1,000 to her bill, lol!  I think Anna Kate ended up with a $4,000 bill!

IMG_8195 IMG_7382

The cookie cake was all Mike Pond.  It’s sort of our thing now to think up silly cookie cakes.  We’ve started this tradition with friends, so look out for yours! When we saw this owl sitting on a sideways branch, it reminded us of the office over the creek.  Meredith said they had an actual owl a few years ago come visit for two weeks straight before he flew away.  I didn’t know that!

IMG_8247 IMG_8249

I loved this shelf growing up as a kid in my dad’s office.  We were so cute!  Sometimes when I would drop-in the office as a teenager, Mom would be so busy she wouldn’t even look up, but the window would always fly open and she would say, “How may I help you?” and then she’d see that it was me, and we would both giggle.  I had to get one last picture of her opening the window in the waiting room, and was so tickled that my girls got to walk in and see her open the window just like I did all those years with their own eyes, making their own memories.  Oh, I forgot to mention, this was a surprise party!  So when Rara opened the window and saw the girls, it was amazing seeing her joy.  I’ll never forget it.  Just so very sweet, and the love is so strong and alive.  Truly brings tears to my eyes.  Then, the girls patiently waited under the counter to jump out at Poppa when he came out from the exam room.  They loved being in on a big secret and pulling one over on their grandparents.

IMG_7405 IMG_7408

Here’s what it looks like under the office building.  The creek runs straight under it!  I remember as a child worrying so much that it would fall in.  I even had dreams about it, but my grandfather (Pawpaw, Granny’s husband, Gary Arnett) knew what he was doing and built it strong.  It has stood the test of time through many storms and high waters.  It’s so peaceful getting your teeth cleaned with this view! 


What a job well done!  I’m so proud of these folks!

IMG_7444 IMG_7436

We only had time to make a day trip this visit, but we went to Poppa and Rara’s house to swing before we headed back home.  The girls love visiting their grandparents in the country, and this visit was a memorable one.  They have helped so many people during their time serving their community, and I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.  xo, Mo

Vivienne’s Art Party

June 16th, 2015


Anna Kate’s sweet friend Vivienne had the coolest art party!  Her mom was over-the-top creative with all the art projects and decorations.  You can tell these kids were so proud of their work.  They did this cool concept called “Friendship Art” when each child painted a different part of their friend’s canvas.  By the end of the rotation, everyone has added to your canvas.  The kids loved this!


 IMG_7028 IMG_7003

IMG_7088 IMG_7050

Super fun food art in the making/eating!  Winking smile 

IMG_7061 IMG_7079

The kids even got to decorate their own pack-packs.  The personalized smocks were so cute too!

IMG_7068 IMG_7070

IMG_7022 IMG_7078 


I love this cute picture of the birthday girl!

IMG_7087 Vivienne and Anna Kate Age 6

Kindergarten is such a fun year building new friendships!  Anna Kate and Vivienne are so lucky to have each other as neighbors and friends!

Madam Noelle

June 15th, 2015


This was another night of dress-up created by Noelle.  She played the part, acting and all, as a maiden from the 1500s and hung out with her sisters, like a Disney character would at a party.  She told Rose her iPad was “an amazing piece of technology.”  Being a 9 year old and doing hair, make-up, outfit and pose like this all by herself really impresses me.  The possibilities are endless!

Diva Kate

June 13th, 2015


When Noelle and Anna Kate play dress-up these days, it’s with their real dress-up clothes and lots of make-up!  I love watching them do their thing all dolled up!  Hair and make-up by Noelle, Personality plus by Anna Kate Winking smile