Happy 1st Birthday, Hutson!

February 3rd, 2016

IMG_8268 IMG_8275

The girls couldn’t wait to celebrate our little buddy, Hutson!



Rose was cracking up because Hutson kept wanting to touch her with his sticky cake fingers!


Noelle met us at the party after acting class.

IMG_8300 IMG_8298

The girls loved getting their faces painted!


Heather is crazy creative!

IMG_8303 IMG_8306

So thankful for sweet friends along the journey!




Kids are so cool! I love the way they play and love each other instantly. Wish life could always be this simple. Happy birthday, sweet Hutson! You’re one cool dude!

4th Grade Egg Drop Project

January 25th, 2016

IMG_6334 IMG_6331

Noelle did an awesome job on her egg drop project this fall. Although her egg cracked, her idea was a great one! She used a plastic ball she cut a slit in and then filled with foam peanuts, with the egg at the nucleus. Then she taped it all up with duck tape. To be fair, Noelle stayed within the size limits and if dropped from the 6 feet the instructions said that it would be, I’m pretty sure hers wouldn’t have broken, although tossing them from the gym roof was way more fun! This is the first project Noelle’s done without my help, and I’m super proud of her for thinking outside the box and doing her thing!

IMG_6338 IMG_6347

Happy New Year 2016

January 25th, 2016


We had a blast on New Year’s Eve with this crew!


Cheers to 2016!


Although we changed into pjs, do not be fooled, these kids look forward to staying up past midnight together all year long—And they do!


Landon gave Anna Kate a new year’s kiss, and I’m hoping this tradition will carry on for a couple more years at least! They are the sweetest kids and friends!



Logan and Rose making a very serious toast! They are so funny!


We’ve been ringing in the new year with these guys for 12 years now and going strong!

IMG_7773 IMG_7728

Sparkling champagne/juice and twizzlers are part of our tradition! It’s the little things.


Happy New Year! We’re so excited to meet our baby boy and make lots more memories with you guys in 2016!

Gingerbread Houses and a Big Cookie!

January 23rd, 2016


The girls had a blast making these gingerbread houses one cold pajama day over the break!


This picture cracks me up! Reminds me of my big sister and me growing up!


And I crack them up—Yay!


My little perfectionist and hard worker.


IMG_7873 IMG_7882

When Rose woke up from her nap, she joined in on the fun as well. Hours later, and Noelle was still working on her house but took time to help sissy create hers! I have the finished houses on my phone and will post them soon! The girls all did a great job today and stayed super busy!


We loved having Grand Papa and Kay Kay over to celebrate Christmas! We had Mike’s amazing prime rib for dinner and decorated this huge Christmas tree cookie for dessert. We had a super fun evening with our Pond grandparents!


We’re sad Christmas is over but glad that it happened. Smile Until next year…

Christmas Day Snaps!

January 20th, 2016

IMG_0257 2

We mostly videoed on Christmas morning, but I took a few pictures. I told the girls to pick out three presents this year because we would be traveling, and although they stuck to three things on their wish lists, my mom made fun of me because each girl got a lot more than three things. There were only three boxes though, so that counts, right? It’s my life’s joy to love and care for our girls!

IMG_7571 IMG_7577

Anna Kate was so excited to get Lemon Heads. We buy them candy once a year, and Christmas morning is it! Makes the little things a big deal when you moderate! She also wanted an Anna dress, bow and arrow, art jar, and we gave her a coupon to get her ears pierced in her stocking. I surprised Noelle with some high-top Converse, and she loved them! Yay! Her big present was a ticket in her stocking… that’ll be coming up soon! Oh, and it made her cry! She literally started crying when she read it, which was the first present she’s gotten that ever made her cry happy tears! She also got onesie pjs (pic below), makeup and a monogram necklace.

IMG_7574 IMG_7570

Rose got the most random presents this year! A Baby Alive doll she has played with constantly, Imaginex dinosaurs to be the enemies when she plays with her dolls (she asked for them which is hilarious!), and a Build-A-Bear My Little Pony on roller skates!

IMG_7594 IMG_7583

Here are the girls staying busy while we took our “It’s a Boy!” picture before the most exquisite, delicious, amazing Christmas lunch anyone could ever dream up! I have lots of iPhone pictures from lunch, so I’ll show you some of the courses in my December YOLO post. It was incredible!

IMG_7627 IMG_7636

After lunch, we all took a long winter’s nap and then headed back to the pool, of course!

It’s A Boy!

January 19th, 2016

IMG_0330 its-a-boy-spots-removed

We are so excited about our little buddy coming June 2016!

Gender Reveal

January 17th, 2016

IMG_0280 IMG_0289

We thought it would be such an exciting Christmas present to save our gender reveal card to open on Christmas day. We couldn’t wait!

IMG_0290 IMG_0291

It’s a BOY! The girls took off in every direction, running, clapping and saying, “We’re having a brother!!!” over and over again.

IMG_0293 IMG_0294

We were so surprised but equally as excited as the girls! We can’t wait to meet our little buddy!

Christmas Eve

January 16th, 2016

IMG_7493 IMG_7484

Christmas Eve was awesome! We had mineral baths, massages, and went swimming, and then got all dressed up for dinner at The Porterhouse followed by the lights show at Garvan Garden! It was such a great day and lots of memories were made!

 IMG_7421 IMG_7410

Hot Springs is sort of stuck in time. Everything is clean but super old. It’s neat though. The kids were so interested, and it really does feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

IMG_7411 IMG_7413

Ms. Susan was Rara and Noelle’s bath nurse. She helped them with their hot springs mineral baths and was such a sweetie!

IMG_7417 IMG_7425

The cup song and warm winter sun!


Cutie Kate!


Nap time which was glorious!

IMG_0252 IMG_7472

We loved this huge ginger bread house in the lobby. They told us they build a new one every year. It was incredible. The back is a true doll house with characters in each room. I’ll post a YOLO pic of that!  


Aren’t these layers amazing!?!

IMG_7500 IMG_7501

Garvan Woodland Garden was magical on Christmas Eve! We had the most wonderful night strolling through the lights! I don’t know how Rara found it, but I’m so glad she did!


IMG_7525 IMG_7530

Poppa and Rara sharing a Christmas kiss!


Each section was themed with a season of the year. The grand finale was winter/Christmas! Here we are goofing off heading into fall!

IMG_7538 IMG_7544

We loved all the beautiful butterflies and flowers in the spring section. The train was so interactive! The girls got to ring the bell and run all through it as it belted out lots of cool sound effects.


This scene was breathtaking! The walk through the garden was one mile, and the entire trail was covered with lights from start to finish. We absolutely loved it and had the best time together!


As we were leaving the gift shop at the end of the night, I spotted this little signature on the table! Although I didn’t let her know, it melted my heart. Our girls have been so good this year, even though Rose finds herself in predicaments from time to time! This year was truly the most excited I’ve ever been about waking up on Christmas morning in my life. I don’t think I slept a wink. We couldn’t wait to open our gender reveal card, which was the most exciting Christmas present ever!

Welcome to Christmas in Hot Springs!

January 11th, 2016


We decided to have a destination Christmas this year, because we won’t be traveling for a while once our new baby gets here. My mom and dad went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for Thanksgiving last year and loved it, so they invited us to do it all again with them for Christmas. Mom planned absolutely everything, and we just showed up and had fun. It was such an awesome Christmas vacation—one we will never forget! The above picture is the Arlington Hotel where we stayed. It was built in 1924, and the girls kept saying it felt like we were on the Titanic. They thought that was so cool and absolutely loved it!

IMG_0194 IMG_7343

The girls found the rooftop pool and hiking trails right off the bat! They were so excited!

IMG_0189 IMG_0192



My cute parents!


After we explored the afternoon away, we walked to dinner at Rolando’s.

IMG_0220 IMG_0222

We celebrated my birthday, which was so sweet!



My favorite part was the made from scratch Caribbean rum cake for dessert. I’ve never had anything so delicious!


Fun on the patio!

IMG_0239 IMG_7360

The weather was so unseasonably warm, we didn’t even need our jackets, which I loved! Best of both worlds!

IMG_7369 IMG_7375

The girls were fascinated by the letter drop box in our hotel that extends to every floor. We dropped messages from the floor of our room to see if we could collect them below, but once we got back to the lobby, we realized it is still a working collection mailbox for USPS. Oops! They’re going to have a lot of fun reading our letters! Next up, we headed to the heated pools and hot tub. The girls could not wait any longer! Can you believe we were outside and comfortable in our swimsuits two days before Christmas? Crazy!


The big girls having the best time! They’ve missed the water.


Poppa and Rara picked a super fun place for us to hang out for Christmas!


Our buddy Jax got to stay at our hotel as a retired therapy dog! Poppa and Rara surprised us, because we didn’t think he was going to get to come. That was our first Christmas present! We love Jax so much!

Birthday Fun!

January 8th, 2016


I love celebrating my birthday with these guys! We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (hence all the black), and we all loved it! It was so awesome Rey was there to save the day! #girlpower

IMG_7304 IMG_7251

Love these cuties! Didn’t Noelle do a great job curling her hair? She does all her buns and curls these days. Makes me sad and proud!


The only thing that makes me feel older is how big our girls are getting! It’s surreal how fast they are growing up! Cheers to another great year with wonderful family and friends! xo