Learning with Brayden

July 29th, 2014

Noelle was a guest on Brayden’s YouTube show, Learning with Brayden, this week!  She introduced him to her favorite hobby, the rainbow loom.  They are so cute and sweet learning together!  I hope it brightens your day and brings a big smile to your face like it did mine!   

Beach YOLO

July 29th, 2014

01-IMG_4536 14-IMG_4605

So beyond thankful we got to go to the Kelly’s wedding this summer.  We’ll hold it in our hearts always!

05-IMG_4570 04-IMG_4565

I think the only sweets we have these days is frozen yogurt, but still a stickler, only one topping each! 

03-IMG_4558 06-IMG_4574

One afternoon when we had a little extra time, we drove all around the neighborhood we were staying in.  The houses/condos were all so characterized and cute.  My mom absolutely loves looking at houses everywhere she goes.  I knew she would just love seeing all that we were seeing, so I took pictures of our favorites to show her.  Some of them even had themed names.  The girls loved reading all of their fun names!  We didn’t stay at the condo in the picture on the right, but it was by far our absolute favorite!


08-IMG_4581 09-IMG_4585

Lil’ Jewel was Anna Kate’s favorite!  See how they are the same floor plan but look totally different.  I love that kind of stuff!

10-IMG_4586 11-IMG_4588

Which one do you think was Noelle’s favorite?  Of course, the one on the left!

13-IMG_4595 12-IMG_4590

15-IMG_4625 Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Our last dinner on the beach was so fun and silly!  Love Emme to pieces, by the way.  How adorable is she!?!

17-IMG_4633 18-IMG_4637

We had a blast celebrating Cow Appreciation Day, and it really broke up our trip home (which took 16 hours)!  This is a pretty highway picture in Mississippi.  It was fun seeing all the southern states, but we were so happy when we finally made it home!

One last Hurrah!

July 28th, 2014


01-IMG_2684 07-IMG_2638

03-IMG_2720 05-IMG_2764

09-IMG_2770 10-IMG_2778

11-IMG_2787 12-IMG_2793

1-IMG_2797 2-IMG_2799

15-IMG_2800 16-IMG_2802 



20-IMG_2851 21-IMG_2857

Our last night in Destin, we ate at a fun seafood restaurant on the beach.  Before dinner, we took one last set of pictures on the beach.  We’ve been home for a couple of week now, and we already miss this place so much!  It was just what we needed!  No schedule, lots of playing, lots of relaxing, lots of fun!


July 25th, 2014


Pink on the Beach

July 25th, 2014


Layla, Noelle, Anna Kate, Madi, Rose, Emme, and Macy ready to play play play on our last full day at the beach!

02-IMG_2454 04-IMG_2457

Rose and Madi made great friends at the wedding and ran towards each other with open arms when they saw each other again today!  She’s a Texas girl too, so we’ll get to play again at home!

07-IMG_2480 06-IMG_2477

I begged Rose to wear sunglasses, and she adamantly refused.  Sometimes ya gotta learn tha hard way, darlin’.


Mermaids in the ocean!

10-IMG_2490 11-IMG_2496


These two really hit it off!

12-IMG_2502 13-IMG_2510

So, this morning, a storm rolled in a kicked up a bunch of seaweed.  The water was pretty gross!  In the picture on the left, Noelle is holding some algae up for her friends to see.  It didn’t stop the kids, but I was done with the water for this trip.  


16-IMG_2523 14-IMG_2512

Layla was peacefully sleeping on the beach under our tent, but cracked a smile when I tried to take her picture.  Sweet girl!

17-IMG_2524 18-IMG_2526

Sand castles were going up by the dozens today, all different shapes and sizes, fully “decorated” of course!

20-IMG_2537 19-IMG_2527

Noelle and I got this one started for everyone to come help decorate! 

21-IMG_2539 24-IMG_2555

Lots of time and precision went into making this one just right!

23-IMG_2547 22-IMG_2543

Ty, Carey, Mike and Mo watching all of our girls play – all 7 of them, plus lots of Carey’s super fun cousins!

25-IMG_2579 28-IMG_2603

27-IMG_2591 26-IMG_2587

Noelle and Ansley had fun making friends, and Rose is holding out her hands like she owns this place, ha! (note the glasses are on)


Whew!  Mama’s feet are tired, but I’d rather be no where else in the entire world, and I guess that’s a pretty good place to be!

Fun in the Sun!

July 24th, 2014


Another day, another story!

03-IMG_2295 04-IMG_2298

Rose got in the water today!  The next few pictures are Rose discovering/enjoying the ocean!


06-IMG_2306 07-IMG_2309

10-IMG_2312 16-IMG_2366


12-IMG_2330 13-IMG_2338


Rose made a new little friend from Alabama that played with her several days on the beach!


Anna Kate flew across the waves on her boogie board!



Rose and Riley

19-IMG_2382 22-IMG_2397 21-IMG_2387




26-IMG_2444 28-IMG_2452

Anna Kate made a sweet friend at the pool named Trevon.  They played and played!  I love how easily our girls make friends!


Can you tell how excited Anna Kate was to find some flowers that matched her swimming suit?  She’s a cutie!

Wedding on the Beach

July 22nd, 2014


Rose, Anna Kate, Macy, Emme, Noelle, Layla, and Isabella were so excited for Ty and Carey’s wedding on the beach!

03-IMG_2062 09-IMG_2119


12-IMG_2191 1-IMG_2194

Ms. Kim and Emme were stunning!


Ty lovingly focused on his bride melted my heart.  He deserves all the happiness in the world, and we are so thankful he found it!

1-IMG_2199 Daddy and Rose on the beach

This was such a magical evening, I just can’t describe it.  There is nothing better in life!  Congrats Ty and Carey!  We love you both so much!


July 22nd, 2014


06-IMG_2082 05-IMG_2081

08-IMG_2089 07-IMG_2085


Beach Babes

July 21st, 2014


Beach Day!

July 21st, 2014


Our first full day on the beach was awesome!  We didn’t build this sand castle, but it gave us inspiration for the rest of the week.  We learned how to “decorate” the towers with sand art from the creator of this castle, which kept the girls busy for hours! 

03-IMG_1897 04-IMG_1902

Rose.  Loved seeing her more reserved and actually a little intimidated by something (the waves).  She surprises me every day.

07-IMG_1910 06-IMG_1911

Noelle was eating it up!  She wanted these sunglasses so badly for our trip that she paid for them with her own money.  Now I see why she wanted them so much.  She’s a fashionista!


Anna Kate is super tactile.  It was so cool to see how she was processing our surroundings with her sense of touch.  Love this kid!

10-IMG_1920 02-IMG_1895


12-IMG_1922 14-IMG_1927

Look at her go!


So yeah, about this little half-umbrella… we met some friends at the beach, so we were planning on sharing their huge family tent for the week, which is what we did the rest of the days, but today was their wedding day, so they ended up not coming to the beach.  We thought we could wing it for just one day, but the heat/sun was so incredibly intense.  We found this umbrella left by someone who probably just didn’t want to cart it to the trash, but it was all the shade we needed for Rose.  She only left this spot a couple of times; She absolutely loved her little fort!



Working together

21-IMG_1971 22-IMG_1972

The extent of my boogie boarding, ha!

24-IMG_1978 25-IMG_1986

She’s got determination!



Noelle wrote this is the sand for Mike and me.  She’s precious!

28-IMG_2004 30-IMG_2006

Rose finally faced her fears, and let the waves move in on her legs.  She is so fearless about some things, and precautious about others!  The ocean is the latter.  Her hand position is like, “Okay, I got this!” as she’s beginning to relax.  I know her so well.


When Noelle was swimming a good distance out with Mike, some guys said to her, “You sure are a brave little girl!”  This made her day!  She is so proud in this picture, and I was happy to capture the moment.

34-IMG_2024 29-IMG_2007


35-IMG_2032 1-IMG_2016

The sand was amazing, but you have to just roll with it being absolutely everywhere and sticking to your sunscreen!

36-IMG_2037 37-IMG_2038

Well, yes it is!  Winking smile