Beach Babes

July 21st, 2014


Beach Day!

July 21st, 2014


Our first full day on the beach was awesome!  We didn’t build this sand castle, but it gave us inspiration for the rest of the week.  We learned how to “decorate” the towers with sand art from the creator of this castle, which kept the girls busy for hours! 

03-IMG_1897 04-IMG_1902

Rose.  Loved seeing her more reserved and actually a little intimidated by something (the waves).  She surprises me every day.

07-IMG_1910 06-IMG_1911

Noelle was eating it up!  She wanted these sunglasses so badly for our trip that she paid for them with her own money.  Now I see why she wanted them so much.  She’s a fashionista!


Anna Kate is super tactile.  It was so cool to see how she was processing our surroundings with her sense of touch.  Love this kid!

10-IMG_1920 02-IMG_1895


12-IMG_1922 14-IMG_1927

Look at her go!


So yeah, about this little half-umbrella… we met some friends at the beach, so we were planning on sharing their huge family tent for the week, which is what the did the rest of the days, but today was their wedding day, so they ended up not coming to the beach.  We thought we could wing it for just one day, but the heat/sun was so incredibly intense.  We found this umbrella left by someone who probably just didn’t want to cart it to the trash, but it was all the shade we needed for Rose.  She only left this spot a couple of times; She absolutely loved her little fort!



Working together

21-IMG_1971 22-IMG_1972

The extent of my boogie boarding, ha!

24-IMG_1978 25-IMG_1986

She’s got determination!



Noelle wrote this is the sand for Mike and me.  She’s precious!

28-IMG_2004 30-IMG_2006

Rose finally faced her fears, and let the waves move in on her legs.  She is so fearless about some things, and precautious about others!  The ocean is the latter.  Her hand position is like, “Okay, I got this!” as she’s beginning to relax.  I know her so well.


When Noelle was swimming a good distance out with Mike, some guys said to her, “You sure are a brave little girl!”  This made her day!  She is so proud in this picture, and I was happy to capture the moment.

34-IMG_2024 29-IMG_2007


35-IMG_2032 1-IMG_2016

The sand was amazing, but you have to just roll with it being absolutely everywhere and sticking to your sunscreen!

36-IMG_2037 37-IMG_2038

Well, yes it is!  Winking smile


July 18th, 2014


11-IMG_1694 03-IMG_1667






09-IMG_1686 10-IMG_1691 



13-IMG_1709 14-IMG_1715



23-IMG_1746 24-IMG_1747


28-IMG_1760 27-IMG_1752

29-IMG_1763 30-IMG_1769


 33-IMG_1774 31-IMG_1772

36-IMG_1791 35-IMG_1790

39-IMG_1801 40-IMG_1805


37-IMG_1792 41-IMG_1810


43-IMG_1819 44-IMG_1825

45-IMG_1836 46-IMG_1837

48-IMG_1859 49-IMG_1864

Hope you guys have a sunny weekend! Winking smile

We made it!

July 18th, 2014


09-IMG_4522 10-IMG_4525

We were so excited to finally make it to the beach!  Here’s a few phone pics to get this week started.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama…

July 17th, 2014


15-IMG_4494 14-IMG_4498

Cracker Barrel in Louisiana hit the spot!  Noelle loomed it up on the road trip for all her friends we were meeting in Florida!

05-IMG_4503 06-IMG_4504

This was the view from our hotel room at The Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Jackson, MS.  Thankful for our noise machine with all these train tracks.  We don’t leave home without it!  With that being said, I never saw a moving train.  Most of the buildings in this picture and on the downtown road leading up to the capital are abandoned and in disarray.  I told Mike it looked like a ghost town.  The girls got really freaked out, so I had to explain what that meant. 

02-IMG_1629 03-IMG_1631

The lobby was super fancy in an almost eerie way, considering the broken glass windows and weeds in buildings right outside!  The elevators were golden and there was a grand stair case made out of marble.  It was all a little bizarre.  Honestly, we won’t be back, but it was, as Anna Kate says, “Instressting.” 


We sure are a silly bunch!  One travel day down and half-way there.. we’re getting so close!

The excitement is building!

July 16th, 2014

11-IMG_4449 16-IMG_4484 12-IMG_4491

I remember less than two weeks ago being in these moments, excited and terrified of our first family road trip to Florida.  My parents tried to take us on a beach vacation to Florida when we were little, and we all got super sick from this crazy awful stomach bug, so once we got there, we turned around and drove home.  It was absolutely miserable, and we’ve never been back since.  The only thing I remember from Destin is the pavement, yikes!  Thankfully, the PondFam5 attempt was a success!

On to these pics, I think I should be a professional packer for little girls… is there such a thing!?!  I always line up what the girls are wearing each day and then put all three outfits (one for each girl) in a big ziploc bag.  That way, when we get there, I don’t have to worry about a thing.  Oftentimes, I’ll label the bag, but now that I have the hang of it, I usually remember what I have planned for each day, and if they want to wear something different, no big deal, just grab a different bag!  If we change clothes out and about, I’ll just grab a ziploc and everyone has a fresh outfit ready for on the go!  I do this with swimming suits and pjs too!  When we get to our destination, I line shoes up, and let them mix and match.  They are pretty self-sufficient with a little guidance. 

We had driven 8 hours in the days leading up to our Florida trip, so we were all a little car sick.  The middle picture above is in central Texas.  Texas is so diverse and beautiful!  Right as we came down this hill, I saw on Instagram that my cousin found a sea horse in the ocean in Destin, where we were headed (she lives in Texas too, and it was so exciting that we were going to be there by chance at the same time).  I showed the girls this picture, and we all got a renewed energy to start our trip to the beach the next day.  And just in case you were wondering, the sea horse was still alive, so she put the little guy back in the ocean.  I’ve never seen a wild sea horse or heard of anyone finding one at the beach.  We couldn’t wait to get there!

That’s a Wrap!

July 16th, 2014


We had a blast at the Fourth of July!  Next stop, the beach!

Fireworks Extravaganza

July 15th, 2014

02-IMG_1543 01-IMG_1535

03-IMG_1549 04-IMG_1552

Rose sings constantly!  She has a beautiful little voice!

05-IMG_1553 08-IMG_1558

09-IMG_1566 07-IMG_1557 10-IMG_1570

11-IMG_1579 12-IMG_1585 

13-IMG_1586 14-IMG_1590

15-IMG_1592 16-IMG_1598

Smiley face firework came out of no where, and of course, we all started smiling!

17-IMG_1600 19-IMG_1621 18-IMG_1610

This show is really indescribable!  I love how the reflection on the water matched the fireworks.

Fun in the USA

July 14th, 2014


These are some super fancy, super fun girls right here ready to celebrate our freedom!

03-IMG_1295 06-IMG_1328

07-IMG_1338 02-IMG_1282 

08-IMG_1342 09-IMG_1349

10-IMG_1353 12-IMG_1368


Did I say we like things fancy around here!?!  Over the top?  Of course!  That’s the fun of it!  The girls were in heaven, flags flying, yelling “Happy Foh-ourth!” in our thickest southern accents and all! 

13-IMG_1373 14-IMG_1377

15-IMG_1381 16-IMG_1395



3 year olds ready for a nap, but I still love this pic!

24-IMG_1467 27-IMG_1473

25-IMG_1475 28-IMG_1480




33-IMG_1526 30-IMG_1503

31-IMG_1508 32-IMG_1519

Poppa was saying, “Nachos!!!”  This is all definitely as much fun as it looks!  Thank you Uncle Andy and Aunt Elsie for having us!


July 13th, 2014

20-IMG_1441 1-IMG_1450-001

19-IMG_1436 21-IMG_1448

My youngest, Rose, and my brother’s oldest, Harper, are both 3 year olds!  Aren’t they rockin’ it!?!