Tea Room Play Date

October 1st, 2014

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23-IMG_7039 22-IMG_7037


Lucy, Rose and Harper were just too too cute at this tea room play date a few weeks ago!  Spontaneous, fun, adorable… I’ll never forget it! 

Anna Kate’s Fall School Pictures

September 29th, 2014

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Noelle’s Fall School Picture Day

September 27th, 2014

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August YOLO

September 24th, 2014


Y’all didn’t for real think I was quitting this thing altogether!?!  Here we go for August (You Only Live Once) cell phone pics series!  Not going to repeat what the littles are saying in this picture… but I’m sure they’ll tell you if you ask!  Winking smile 

12-IMG_5349 13-IMG_5357

I love Rose’s little blanket sticking out of her tricycle basket.  She takes it with her everywhere!  After dinner evening strolls are what life is made of, and we enjoy our neighborhood sidewalks so much!

16-IMG_5370 25-IMG_5506

Eden and Anna Kate watching their big sisters cheer, and Rose on a hot summer day watching her big sister play soccer!

19-IMG_5427 18-IMG_5420

Noelle is still doing her hair about 50 times a day.  It’s her new thing, but she never keeps them up long enough for me to enjoy.  She’s always busy on her next project.  So, Rose went to Camp P&R to hang out one weekend this summer, and she packed her suitcase before we got around to it.  She put a ton of thought into it and really surprised us with her choices: iPad, teddy, dress-up, pjs, 3 flashlights, puppy, one pair of socks, duster, pretend cell phone, pretzels, picture of herself (lol), big blanket, wipes and toys.  Her little 3 year old brain is fascinating!

21-IMG_5471 20-IMG_5485

Here was Anna Kate’s first kindergarten worksheet.  It said, “I feel…” and the one she circled was the exact thing she had done in her sister’s arms that morning.  Under the picture of the girl holding her hands over her face it said, “Scared.”  Bless her heart.  I love that her teacher wrote, “Good Job!” because expressing your feelings, no matter what they are, always takes courage.  I made her the little star picture for her locker to cheer her up!  I made the stars out of each family members’ favorite color/s.  It’s funny Mommy and Daddy can’t make up our minds about our favorite color (we each picked two), but all our little girls know exactly what they like!

inspirational quote how to get there 24-IMG_5500

I always love practical inspiration and boy did I need it on this day.  Let’s just say I’ve never been a Mama Bear like I was Day 2 of school when Anna Kate came running down the sidewalk to me, tears rolling down her face, because she was scared of the “yelling” bus driver (Noelle was talking for her as they were walking toward me).  It escalated the last week of school last year when a neighbor called me and told me that she heard the bus driver yelling from her house and that if she had had a kid on that bus, she would have wanted to know… she even called the bus barn to complain and didn’t even have a kid on the bus.  So… after all that had time to die down over the summer, when I saw Anna Kate running to me in tears, all my frustrations came rushing back, and can you guess what happened next!?!  Ummm… yeah, not one of my finest moments.  I was one of the parents you see on the news who charged the bus and gave him an ear full.  It was the only time in my life I was so mad I was seeing stars.  I had no clue what I said, but my friends said I was pointing to Anna Kate so he could see her tears.  So… the next day (Day 3 of school), with Rose in tow, I had to go up to the bus barn to constructively figure out how we were going to get our girls home safely and without stress/anxiety.  They were amazing to me and gave me assurances their bus driver was a very caring man who didn’t realize his grumpy tone was scaring the children.  After our conversation, I truly believed them, and it has been much better ever since.  And why might you ask, do we ride the bus?  Both my fibro and Rose’s nap routine (a rare peek into one of the ways it does affect our family).

26-IMG_5529 27-IMG_5539

Okay, so now you know things aren’t always hunky dory in the Pond household, but it is most of the time, especially when Noelle’s in the kitchen.  Here are some banana/peanut butter/low-carb tortilla sushi roll-ups made by Noelle, and she’s mastered the 45 second microwave cinnamon apple treat!  These were both her ideas (from tutorials), and I did not help her make them.  She is just that cool!

28-IMG_5540 01-IMG_6833

Another hair creation and our girls dressed up with their dolls (and their real-life baby doll) for dinner and corn hole with friends!


Silly faces!


Okay, so this happened.  We love Cute Girls Hairstyles!  They have over 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, and we’ve been watching Mindy, the mom, braid her cute girls’ hair for years and years.  I used to watch her videos before Noelle was born, but Noelle re-introduced her to me when she started bringing me the iPad and asking me to watch a tutorial and do her hair.  So, like a thousand times before, Noelle asked me if I could do her hair from one of CGH’s tutorials for the first day of school.  I did, saw that Mindy commented on Instagram that she loves seeing her fans’ interpretations of her creations, so I slapped a hashtag under the pictures of the hairstyle we recreated and didn’t think anything of it.  Turns out, Mindy noticed… and noticed enough to comment… and commented about Noelle’s character!  It was like a needle in a haystack that she found our little account.  Hundreds of thousands of people hashtag them.  I still can’t believe she found us because we are, what they call themselves, #CGHsuperfans!  I videoed Noelle’s reaction to seeing the comments for the first time, and it was unlike anything I had expected.  I knew she’d be so excited, but she was blown away.  She was shaking and couldn’t even talk.  So, that was an awesome awesome change in events to end our first week of school!  We never in a million years expected that and don’t ever expect it to happen again.  But it did, was super fun and was the total pick-me-up we all needed.

34-IMG_5560 07-IMG_5329

Noelle and I back to school shopping and a little something on her hook she’s making for a friend.  Any guesses? 


Jaalisa made this cartoon BEFORE she saw this real-life picture of Rose!  I love everything about this: friends that love each other’s kids so very much, kids that have such distinct personalities that they shine so brightly; Awesome all the way around!

36-IMG_5589 52-IMG_5720

I had literally just made this salad when a friend dropped off a bundt cake on the front porch!  It was so absolutely perfect, and the timing couldn’t have been better.  I mean, if I had just had burger and fries, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the cake as much, ya know?  And I did split it four ways… Mike refuses sweets.  I don’t know how he does it, but I admire him a lot.  Another little smiley face fruit creation brought to you by Noelle.  These little raspberry/banana bites were amazing with crazy contrasting flavors!

Bobcats special pic on back 1-IMG_5620

First cheer game with our new football team, the Lions!  Uniforms to come, and they were worth the wait!

39-IMG_5633 32-IMG_5550

We finally finished Noelle’s spirit sticks to throw out at her cheer games!  It was a lot of work but a lot of fun!  I always wonder which swim will be our last.  Turns out, it was the day of the long legs!  I remember that relaxing summer day like it was yesterday.  This summer was a good one.  We are going to miss it!

06-IMG_6957 Ebert kids in Florida wearing glasses

Mike tried out a new recipe of a favorite app in our house, Jalapeno poppers, and our Ebert cousins moved home to the states this summer to have fun in the sun! 


Best friends forever!


Anna Kate and some of her kinder buddies at a swim party!


Raspberry fingers!

48-IMG_5698 50-IMG_5705 49-IMG_5699

Anna Kate dressed up like this one night and named herself, “Tina!”  When she saw me working on this post, she walked over to the computer, pointed at these pictures and said, “Mom, there’s Tina!”  She’s a crack up!

 45-IMG_5655 53-IMG_5723


Sometimes Rose and I have slow sunny afternoons and get to watch the train pass through downtown. 


The sun was peeking out from under the clouds as we were leaving our house to attend the 911 Patriot Day service at the girls’ school, and it was simply amazing.  The rays were beaming every which way. 


Here’s Anna Kate’s kindergarten class!  Aren’t they precious!

60-IMG_5757 62-IMG_5763


Here was a #tbt post for Anna Kate!

Inspirational quote 64-IMG_5800 57-IMG_5745

A little piece of my weirdness.  Love this quote, this crazy old man owl, and my silly man who always knows how to make me laugh!

Y’all Come Back!

September 18th, 2014

Lucy, Rose, Harper

For the first time in almost 9 years, this is truly how I feel about the blog right now: Closed.  I’ll get my mojo back, but for now, I’m working on some other projects that have been on the back burner for a long time.  So… I guess this means I won’t post as much as frequently, but we’re not going anywhere.  The girls love “checking the blog,” and I love seeing them relive and enjoy their memories, and at the same time, I hope we bring a smile to your faces and refresh your spirits as well.  xo

Pond Girls as Cartoons

September 17th, 2014

1-IMG_5533 2-IMG_5534 3-IMG_5535

Jaalisa turned the girls into cartoons as a treat for them one night.  They loved them, and she nailed it!

First Soccer Game Highlights

September 14th, 2014

09-IMG_6886 15-IMG_6907

Anna Kate is such a precious little girl!  We are having a great time watching her grow up!


The referee told Anna Kate to “call it in the air.”  She had no clue what she was talking about.  Winking smile


It’s game time!

03-IMG_6872 04-IMG_6876

Oh yes!  These girls get Mio with soccer ball ribbon and red rhinestones on their water bottles, because, why not!?!

06-IMG_6882 07-IMG_6883

There is absolutely no where else I’d rather be than on the soccer and football/cheer fields on Saturdays!  xo


So this happened in the middle of the game… and made me smile so big! 


We lost 9-2, but the team we played against has been playing together for two seasons already, and it was all of our very first game ever.  One of the little girls on the other team had a big sister that played on the Skittles with Noelle back when she was in kindergarten.  It was so fun seeing the little sisters getting a turn in the spot light because they hung out on the sidelines of all of their sisters’ games together!

Starbursts first game Annika

No words.  Success and probably my most favorite action shot to date. 


This is hilarious!  I’ve never seen soccer players chill in the goal after the game before;  A great place to be!  The coach wanted to have a pep talk with them, so he came on the other side of the net to talk, and they loved that!

14-IMG_6905 18-IMG_6924

Old friends, new friends and memories in the making!

16-IMG_6912 17-IMG_6918

These guys have been hanging out since they were tiny little babies!  Their friendship is inspiring, and I love them so much!

Thank you, Heroes!

September 11th, 2014

Lila and Anna Kate Malia and Anna Kate





06-IMG_7094 10-IMG_7108

Noelle Claire Aya

This is my favorite program at the girls’ school each year when we gather around the flag pole to honor those who serve and remember those lost on that terrible day 13 years ago.  Their music teacher pours her heart and soul into honoring our country through the blessing of our precious children’s hearts and voices.  It is such an honor to witness each year and such an awesome tribute!

Also, happy birthday Aunt Michele and Grandpapa!  Hope your day is super special!  We are so thankful for both of you and your service to our country as well!

Kicking off Cheer

September 11th, 2014

1-IMG_6938 cheerleader Lions cheer 3rd grade

Noelle is so excited fall cheer is back!  There was a lot of confusion with the football team formations this year, so we didn’t get assigned a team until a couple of weeks before game day.  Their uniforms won’t be ready until their third game, but that didn’t stop them from looking adorable for their first game!  It was so hot, so this little practice uniform turned out even better.  She had a ball and loves being with her friends!  Go girl! 

Soccer Star(burst)!

September 11th, 2014

1-IMG_6907 1-IMG_6886

So much has been going on around here, including our kinder kid starting her first season of soccer!  So excited!  (more to come)